Endings (and beginnings)

All through my life, I’ve learned the importance of the need to occasionally ‘spring-clean my life’ and it seems to be time to do this again. I’ve found that, like in gardening, if you cut out dead wood, even in a drastic way, it often allows new growth to occur, even if it feels risky at times. So, this week, I decided to end my long term relationship with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Now, I know that some might say that the CIPD is not very Rock’n’Roll, but those of you that know me will also know that I’m both an intellectual and a rocker, so my membership of professional institutes is what makes me who I am. I have become increasingly disillusioned with an institute that serves its own interests above those of its members. Having said that, the CIPD has some great people who I hold in high regard and I hope to maintain contact with those people who have become friends over the years. The good news is that some new growth has already occurred in so far as I have had requests to get involved with Imperial College London, Cass (City) Business School and the University of Cambridge via Keith Sawyer, a Professor at Washington State University who likes my work. You can read his book ‘Group Genius’.

We have some conferences coming up (details at NEWS ): The Informatology Conference and a keynote entitled ‘Sex, Leadership and HR’. These follow a highly successful events in Belfast, Derry and an event entitled ‘Top of the Flops’ – which explored the marketing, HR, finance and project management lessons learned from the World Tour. We have been considering making a film from this amazing experience and a colleague called Rainbow George, who invested £50 000 in the tour, has been beavering away to gather interest in a related venture involving Ronnie Wood and Russell Brand.

Plus some work for the United Nations in Vienna (It means nothing to me! 🙂 ) and a conventional change management project for Local Government.

Alongside all of the above, I am currently writing a new book on innovation, which occupies some of my sleeping hours! :-(( It is a good time to be pressing the stop button on certain business activities and fast forwarding to some new beginnings. Experience shows that these things generally work out well in the end, in spite of a rocky journey. No pain, no gain!


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