Tom Peters v Bill Nelson – partners in excellence

Apart from a few journeys to the United Nations and back in Vienna to work with the IAEA, the most exciting times of my last month have been encounters with two truly great people from widely different backgrounds. Firstly I met Tom Peters at his event on Leadership in London. It was a fantastic day with many lessons and a great feeling of optimism that has lasted for weeks since the meeting. I was so enthused by his talk and our meeting that I have prepared two downloadable resources: The A-Z of Tom Peters, set in his own style of delivery and a media file of my question to him. You can see and hear these items at   The A-Z will appear in a few more days

The second was my annual trip to meet Bill Nelson at his convention. See In leadership terms, Bill has authenticity written through his veins, having rejected the rock circus lifestyle to do what he believed in. To those that don’t know him, it is sufficient to know that Bill owned a mansion, a Rolls Royce and several other sports cars in the 1970’s, but left EMI to pursue his real purpose as an artist rather than a puppet of the music business. He has been a great influence on the great and good of rock’s hierarchy, including David Bowie, Brian May, Eno et al. When looking for examples of authenticity, I find it hard to better Bill Nelson as an example to us all. I use Bill’s principles for personal reinvention in my seminars and they are detailed as a cameo piece in ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’ The Fender Stratocaster that IBM burned at a corporate event is now signed by the great man himself and a picture is on this blog alongside a specially decorated and autographed guitar that Bill auctioned at the event.

As well as all this, I did a very interesting interview for ASK Europe. They are great people to know. Also a charity benefit concert for Breast and Testicular cancer, aptly titled ‘Boobs and Balls’. Finally, we have events coming up in London, Cambridge, Kent and Vienna in the coming months.

Peter aka the Dean


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