From Radio Gaga to Lady Gaga and fame in Gaza

In the quiet of recession, I’ve been doing a bit of profile building as part of life’s distratctions.  It is incredibly hard to get airtime on national media unless you are one of the usual suspects with big lunch budgets and / or paid for editorial. I’m certainly not Lady Gaga, but I’ve found that there is a small space for a unique contribution from time to time.  Thanks to the Right Honorable Peter Jay, who gave me an hour of his time a little while back so that I could benefit from his vast experience of the ups and downs of dealing with the media.

Anyway, some interesting results have come from this, without the use of an agent or PR guru.  Here’s a few of the results:

We had a programme on improvisation and innovation on BBC Radio 4’s flagship In Business Programme.  Click on ‘IN BUSINESS’ to listen to the programme – we have the 2nd 15 minutes of the programme

In a moment of complete disillusionment with the Labour Government, I wrote a song for Democracy, which found its way on to prime time slot on Radio 5 LIVE – Click on RADIO 5 LIVE to listen to the piece.  It also featured in several newspapers including the Palestine Telegraph – Gaza is an unusual place for a story about rock and politics!  Nonetheless they gave full coverage to the story, which demonstrates how important it is to write a good press briefing.

And, we were featured as a keynote speaker at one of the world famous TED lectures.  Watch a snippet of the event, entitled Riffs and Myths of Leadership:

PR does not pay the bills, but if you can do it well, it is at least free compared with most marketing approaches! Ask me a question if you want to know more about how to make a big impact from a small starting point.

Coming up soon we are the keynote opener at the British Institute of Learning and Development conference on June 10.  Our subject is that of encouraging workplaces where learning, improvisation and innovation are ‘business as usual’.


About the Blogger:  Peter Cook leads The Academy of Rock – Keynote events with a difference and Human Dynamics – Business and organisation development, training and coaching.  Contact via


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