Continuous Creativity and Innovation

I attended the annual Bill Nelson convention this weekend.  For those of you that don’t know Bill Nelson, he was the leader of 70’s pop art band Be-Bop Deluxe, is admired by David Bowie, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, Kate Bush, Brian Eno et al.  He did not enjoy the rock’n’roll lifestyle and left at the peak of his success to pursue his own musical directions.  A costly decision financially, but one that left him balanced in terms of career / life choices.  At the age of 62, he continues to break new ground in music, mixing nostalgia with ‘good old futurism’.   I consider myself fortunate to know this unique man. Check Bill’s work out at BILL NELSON

As well as that I spoke at a career development conference for PhD bioscientists recently – See BBSRC and we have Leadership conferences coming up shortly at KENT and ASTON

Finally, for 2011, building on the success of a Global Conference we delivered for Pfizer, my musical colleague John Howitt has joined the team for conference appearances and musical experiences. John has a track record of playing with professional rock and pop stars such as Anastasia, Celine Dion and Shirley Bassey. We are releasing an album of ambient instrumental music in support of Sara’s Hope Foundation, a charity providing a retreat for families with terminally ill children. You can listen to some of these people at IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

Seasons greetings



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