Improvisation and innovation

The Northern Ireland Business and Innovation Centre (NORIBIC) certainly punches above its weight for a business support agency. Recently they got a large audience to attend a magnificent event to ignite improvisation and innovation. Entitled “Jammy Creativity”, NORIBIC combined social networking with some serious messages about innovation, entrepreneurship and business development with the consumption of jam, via Fraser Doherty who is a 22 year old entrepreneur and founder of Superjam, which supplies sugar free jam to major supermarkets in the UK. What is really interesting about Fraser is how he managed to get past all the obstacles to get his product to market – no mean feat, when corporate buyers are concerned.

Alongside that, NORIBIC were kind enough to ask me to present ideas on corporate improvisation via a keynote seminar and a series of live demonstrations involving the audience. Dangerous stuff indeed, working with people you have never met before to produce beautiful music together! This culminated in a joint performance with members of Derry based rock / folk sensation John Derry and the Heads. Next time we go to Northern Ireland, we are planning to take my colleague Bernie Torme, of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath fame, a Belfast child.

Check the video out above. In the warped words of the Rolling Stones “It’s only jamming, but it leads to profitable innovation”…

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