Naked leadership in Essex

I’m often surprised at the things people are prepared to do in the crazy world of rock’n’roll but just occasionally I am even more surprised when business people take a bold step to help market themselves and stand apart from the crowd. Such was the case recently when the Business Woman’s Network decided to produce a nude calendar of their membership in the style of Calendar Girls. Quite aside from the confidence required by these women to do such a thing, this unique phenomenon has a much more serious reason – that of fundraising for a Hospice. So give these nude business women some of your kudos and more importantly some of your money. I got involved today as their leader Mandie Holgate, asked me if I would be prepared to go naked …. NO.. thank goodness … to deliver a keynote event to launch the naked calendar at their next event on July 7th in Essex. I have agreed to deliver this free on behalf of them and the hospice. We’ll be exploring aspects of ‘nakedness’ aka being your authentic self in the context of leadership, drawing on examples from the world of business and music to help us explore the subject from different perspectives.

So come on down – as I said in the promotional material – you don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time…

And, contrary to the stereotypes, the evening will definitely NOT be anything like this hilarious mash up from the genius that is Cassette Boy:

Speaking of nudity I must say that, although I rarely watch TV, I was mesmerised by Lady Gaga on Paul O’Grady’s show last night. Gaga is a great example of someone who knows how to present themselves. On the show, she presented herself nude in the folicle department…. take a look at this stunning piece of authentic performance …

If the Nude Business Woman’s Calendar is even half as good as Lady Gaga’s performance last night, they will be rightly proud of themselves. Book yourself in for the launch party – Leadership, Nudity and Rock’n’Roll 7th July – Essex – its nearly FREE!

Postscript: ¬†Here’s a picture from the evening featuring the georgous Julie Binder, who runs her own design consultancy – Check her design work out at Julie Binder Design. ¬†Julie’s clients include Toyota and Nestle.

Getting down and dirty with Julie Binder

Speaking of design, my new book ‘Punk Rock People Management‘ is available for FREE alongside it’s sister volume ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll‘ by clicking on the picture below:

Buy one get one free


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