Spirit in the sky – The circuitry of networking

It’s been a manic few weeks so I thought I’d write a blog about the gentle art of networking (and a little bit of luck!).  Check out the previous post in this area at A day in the life.  Our networking journey begins at an annual conference we delivered for the Institute of Circuit Technology, sponsored by Spirit Circuits.  That gives us our title.  Let’s travel back in time to the swinging 60’s, purely for some gratuitous psychedelic pop by Norman Greenbaum:

Spirit Circuits are an amazing printed circuit board manufacturing business.  The things that separate them from the crowd include a recognition of the word customer in everything they do and their ability as a smaller business to work globally.  An example of their exceptional customer service is their “Go Naked” offering.  This is a bespoke circuit board design service for small business entrepreneurs who cannot afford to manufacture circuit boards for new products.  Steve Driver, Spirit Circuits’ CEO offers this service on the basis that “small acorns sometimes grow into mighty oaks”.  In terms of their global footprint, Spirit Circuits have pioneered a number of innovative partnerships with China, rather than attempting to compete with this growing economy.  It’s perhaps a case of ‘being inside the tent p…..ing out, rather than outside the tent p…..ing in’.

Spirit Circuits asked me to deliver a keynote event for the Institute entitled ‘Myths and Riffs of Leadership’.  After the event, I found myself jamming into the night with Printed Circuit Board business owners as if I had known them for years.  Playing music really does beat social networking etc. as a means of establishing business bonds that last!  Here’s a clip of ‘Steve Driver and The Circuit Breakers’ performing “The PCB blues”:

Additionally, I was able to put Spirit Circuits in touch with a BBC journalist for the World Service who specialises in Chinese affairs.  Watch this space for developments in what Level 42 would call “The Chinese Way”.

It also occurred to me that there must have been a spirit in the sky the other day.  I had gone to Rochester Castle to meet a client for a coffee, when I bumped into David Sillito, the BBC’s arts correspondent, who was making a news item on a new BBC costume drama.  David had previously made a feature on a ‘School of Rock’ event for a Primary School, which the Headmistress said was pivotal in improving exam performance for the children.  Check out the feature from BBC Breakfast News:

David remembered the School of Rock event with some fondness.  As a result of our brief encounter, I gave him a copy of Punk Rock People Management with a view to developing a feature on simple, jargon free and authentic Human Relations.   Goodness knows, there’s a need for that in most companies I get invited into these days! 🙂

What do I get - Punk Rock HR - the contents page

Get your full colour print copy or Amazon Kindle version of Punk Rock People Management, which hit number 1 in the Amazon chart for management / HR books the other week, above books by Dave Ulrich and Sir John Whitmore.  Mail me for a free electronic version of the book.  Or come over to the 7th international HR conference in Athens on 19th October, where Demis Roussos with meet Gary Hamel and Johnny Rotten, metaphorically speaking…

I kissed an HR girl and I liked it - photo courtesy of http://www.lindsaywakelinphotography.com


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