Innovation Excellence – Calling all firestarters

This week, I have a great opportunity for writers, musicians and business leaders.  I have just been appointed “Rock’n’Roll Innovation Editor” for a US based Global Innovation Company called Innovation Excellence.  The company is run by Julie Anixter, who worked with Tom Peters and Seth Godin amongst other leading business thinkers around the world.  Innovation Excellence is the most popular innovation website in the world with over 10 000 readers per day and counting.  As part of my job there, I am planning interviews with people in the coming year such as Ahmet Ertegun’s biographer, CEO of Atlantic Records, Bill Nelson, Professor Adrian Furnham, Bernie Torme, Sir Richard Branson and Sir Paul McCartney.  We’re starting shortly with a piece about the enigma that is Richard Strange, leader of proto-punk pop-art group The Doctors of Madness and perhaps punk’s godfather,

So, what then does the Rock’n’Roll Innovation Editor do?  Good question!  You don’t see many RNR Innovation Editors on the staff at the Financial Times or the New York Herald Tribune!  My job is to interview, write or commission articles with any of the following types of people:

  • Innovative musicians – Names that spring to mind include Robert Fripp, Lady Gaga, Brian Eno, Madonna – people who have either innovated within music or are gamechangers in the music industry.
  • Innovation leaders – Especially those who get the idea that innovative leadership requires both discipline and improvisation – Virgin, Toyota, First Direct, Google, 3M, The Eden Project spring immediately to mind.
  • Innovation authors and academics – Again those who have a ‘Rock’n’Roll outlook’ on the subject – Brian Clegg, Tom Peters, Adrian Furnham et al are on my list of suspects here.

Innovation Excellence is also open to sponsors who wish to help build the best educational resource in the world for innovation.  Contact me via e-mail at to see what’s on offer.

So, in the warped words of the hymn “Come all ye faithful … and also a healthy dose of firestarters …”  Drop me a line and let’s see if we can create a guest article or interview.

Speaking of firestarters, time to finish with a bit of that…

2 responses to “Innovation Excellence – Calling all firestarters

  1. Marillion – ok I’ll admit to having been a long time fan. But in the 90s early 00s they were really at the forefront of breaking the music business mould – fed up with being tied into rubbish deals (they signed a 5 album deal at the beginning of their career that was a nightmare – they sold millions of albums but got relatively little reward) they decided to go “direct to market”. I was there as one of the 12,000 or so of the faithful who gave them an upfront payment for an album at that time not even written and waited for the result. They have repeated this since and others have followed but they truly were real business pioneers in RnR!


  2. It’s not entirely impossible to get to Marillion for an interview. They have performed with John Otway who I sponsored a world tour for – unfortunately the tour never took off literally or metaphorically and relationships are still a little strained over the way that John’s management handled the fortunes of the young people who gave up a lot of free time to the adventure.

    I agree, Marillion are very innovative and were missed by a lot of people.

    I’ve mailed you privately re a cup of tea and talk about guitars.


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