God Save Punk Rock

Punk Britannia – featuring TV Smith, Johnny Rotten, Richard Strange – BBC4 Friday 01 June 9.00 pm

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations approach and “Punk Britannia” hits the screens this Friday on BBC 4 – featuring several of the artists I’ve interviewed or seen recently at Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura.   It seems that punk is back in fashion, given the imminent arrival of the Queen’s Jubilee.   I recall that my band partner cum journalist from our punk group “Alternative Posing” was censured on national TV in 1977 when he printed a punk fanzine which featured the Queen with a safety pin through her nose.  How the times, they have changed!

I bumped into another Punk HR manager on Twitter last week – none other than Perry Timms who has coined the Twitter hashtag #PUNKHR.  This reminds me to mention that you can still get a FREE copy of my new micro book Punk Rock People Management.  Mail me with PUNK in the title at peter@humdyn.co.uk   Punk Rock was about simplicity, brevity and authenticity and Punk Rock People Management is about these timeless qualities rather than the need to pogo whilst doing staff appraisals.  Feel free to post a response on these questions:

  • How can we simplify business processes to the advantage of customers, staff and business?
  • How can we deliver products and services faster than our competitors?
  • How can we be more authentic in our dealings with customers?

Check the contents page of Punk Rock People Management out if you have not got your copy yet:

God Save Punk Rock HR

Contact us for a Punk Rock Business event or 24 hour retreat to consider critical challenges facing your business.  We have none other than Bernie Torme, who fronted several Punk Rock bands, coming along to our next showcase event.  For more like this, read the book “The Music of Business”, acclaimed by Harvey Goldsmith:

Finally, let’s see what started all the fuss about the Queen’s Jubilee:


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