Design innovation – The Guitar

Christophe with one of his more memorable Vigier guitars

I attended a guitar masterclass with Christophe Godin the other day at Mid Air Music and was struck by the quality of the Vigier Guitars he used in the masterclass.  Since I spend a lot of my time consulting with companies looking to innovate and the world of guitars is confounded by ‘dominant designs’ from the usual suspects, I decided to interview Christophe to find out what is unique and different about Vigier Guitars.  Let’s see some of Christophe’s work before we begin:

Given that the guitar has not managed to ‘escape’ from dominant designs popularised by Fender et al, what innovations have Vigier been able to bring, both in form and function?

In terms of playability, Vigier guitars are lighter due to the fact that there is no truss rod but 10% of graphite in the neck to keep it away from twisting. It’s a HUGE improvement because you never struggle to keep it in the right position. Even after hours of playing it standing, you feel no pain or stress holding it.

The tremolo system is also very innovative as it is attached via needle bearings. Which means no friction and a very smooth action.

I would add the shape of Vigier necks is, to me, close to perfection. The shape, the dimensions and the perfect factory settings make it easy to play as you’d have in hand for centuries even at first touch.

What do these features mean to you as a practising musician?

When I started playing Vigier guitars, the fact I was not struggling with the instrument helped me develop my playing a lot. Plus, all my Vigier are VERY versatile and allow me to play stuff, which would sometimes require playing three different guitars in one song. I can skip from a style to the other effortlessly…

What do you look for in a great guitar?

Versatility, ease of use, big sounds with a light body. Actually, the main thing is to play without any concern in the back of your mind !!! That’s the case when I play one of my Supras…

Editor’s note:  This is a great point, great design should be invisible to the user, so they can get on and use it.

According to George Bush, there is no French word for entrepreneur!  Consequentially, France would not be at the top of my list of guitar manufacturers in the world 🙂  Can you tell me something of the history of Vigier and how they have innovated from a fairly stagnant marketplace for guitars?

🙂 I’d say Patrice Vigier had a very clear vision about what he wanted to achieve from the very first day he started to build up his very first guitar. The search of perfection has always been his gasoline, and he has always been very interested in innovation. When he started to incorporate carbon into his guitars (way before most of the manufacturers who do it now), everyone was calling him crazy because guitars manufacturers are all pretty conservative : Patrice is NOT and he kept on sticking up to his idea. The result just proved him right ….

There do seem to be quite a groundswell of people choosing Vigier guitars.  I know Dave Sturt who plays for Steve Hillage and Bill Nelson.  Also Scott Mc Gill who I interviewed recently.  Who else is playing Vigier instruments?

Ooooh the list goes on forever. Actually, Ron Thal (Guns and Roses), Shawn Lane, Roger Glover, Geezer Butler, etc… You’d better visit for an exhaustive list 🙂

Christophe demonstrating at Mid Air Music – there were no protests at his demonstration!

How can we get hold of your music? is probably the best place to start.

For a masterclass in design innovation in business, featuring guitars through the ages, get in touch with us via  We are happy to bring a few guitar gods along to our events.


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  2. I felt in love in Vigier . And it has its own sound,and Can sound as strat,gibson if i need it. So it a great guitar. And my 7 others guitar,barely just picking up dust.

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