If music be the food of business, read on..

It may be a tad self-indulgent, but I’m extremely excited as today is the launch day for “The Music of Business”.   This has spawned a special post to celebrate the day.  I’ve gathered together some music videos from some of the artists who feature in the book.  The Music of Business is on special offer TODAY.  Please can you buy copies and ask your contacts or colleagues  to do the same.  I am keen to find out just how far we can take this independent production into the Amazon charts against the mammoth resources of the big brands:



BUY a KINDLE version

To reward you for this, you will be able to pick up a free copy of our iPhone app in the coming weeks – daily tips on business and personal development fused with music, developed in partnership with Jason Bell of Datasentiment.

Footnote : The book reached number 10 in books on Amazon thanks to your efforts! 🙂

OUT Today – Click on the picture to order copies

So, here we go with some great music from the featured artists:

I spent many an hour on top of the stairs at the age of 15, trying to play Ritchie Blackmore’s licks

The Kaiser Chiefs are pioneering new business models

A surprisingly sublime piece from Britney Spears

The genius of Bill Nelson, performing one of his instrumental pieces at his Legends concert for ITV

David Bowie’s magnificent reflective piece “where are we now”

Gaga’s anthem about her identity shows her to be more than a passing fad

One of our corporate events at Pfizer on career management with two hit wonder and micro star John Otway

Madonna, causing a commotion as usual, this time with religion

Out and out Rock’n’Roll parody from Spinal Tap


8 responses to “If music be the food of business, read on..

  1. Hi Peter,

    I purchased the Kindle version on the German Amazon site, albeit I had to put your name in before the book could be found! I have forwarded your email to a large number of colleagues and wish you luck in your battle with the giants.




  2. Just ordered my copy!

    Good luck with sales

    Kind Regards


    Gregory Sinclair

    Managing Director

    Absolutely Leisure Ltd

    Tel 01753 894717

    Mob 07764 251607

    Absolutely Leisure is a Registered Charity – No. 1131013


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