Top of the Pops – How to get your business to No. 1

Just 3 points away from 'The One Minute Manager' and ahead of 'From Good to Great'

Just 3 points away from ‘The One Minute Manager’ and ahead of ‘From Good to Great’

Thank you all for your assistance through purchasing copies of “The Music of Business” and through all your tweets, facebook, linkedin, G+1 etc.  It was truly a fantastic day on 31 1 13 and I was humbled by your support for the book.  We gained articles in The Guardian, The Sunday Times and have had offers from the BBC and Sky News for features.  We reached the Top 10 on the Amazon chart, passing evergreen books by world class authors such as John Kotter and Jim Collins, author of ‘From Good to Great’ and nearly passing ‘The One Minute Manager’ by Ken Blanchard.  This is unheard of for a book produced in this way.  Click on the logos to read some of the articles.



In case you had not realised, The Music of Business is an indie release and NOT backed by a large publisher such as The FT, Kogan Page, Penguin, Wiley and so on.  Having published several books with established publishers, I chose NOT to do this on this occasion.  That makes the achievement even more remarkable.  I was firmly told by several PR agents that “I would not get anywhere on my own without their help”.  This proved to be wrong.  So, what could we learn from this ‘media experiment’?  Someone wisely observed that we succeeded in this enterprise through Creativity and Collaboration.  They are fundamentally correct.  Here’s a bit more detail for those of you seeking to be DIY entrepreneurs and authors:

  • I had already built a considerable following through previous book releases, face to face networking and social media.
  • I systematically went out to get a range of high quality endorsements from companies such as Lloyds, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, HP, University College London etc.  These were matched by references from Richard Strange and Harvey Goldsmith in the music world.  Some of this was planned, the rest relied on a degree of luck.  As Louis Pasteur observed “Chance favours the prepared mind”.
  • I carefully planned a launch day and communicated this to national and international media.  This was to involve as many people as possible, taking offers of goodwill as they came.
  • At the same time, we remained open to opportunities and offers which could not be planned in advance.
  • My wife points out that I was also on the job 24/7 to make this happen.  Innovation is part inspiration, but mostly perspiration!
  • In the event, people were exceptionally kind in spreading the word via various media and I must thank them once again for this kindness.

Contact us if you would like to harness this kind of power for your own marketing and PR, whether it’s for your business or for a personal enterprise such as a book.  I’ll be at Entrepreneur Country this Wednesday 27th February and the University of Oxford Business School the day after if anyone wants to catch up.

As a special thank you, I am offering two free vouchers for my new online learning programme “The Music of Business” in exchange for a few words by way of a review.  Claim your free voucher HERE by Sat 02 March.  Read all about it here:

Finally, in the spirit of TOTP, let’s see some of the great moments from that show including a rare live performance by David Bowie:


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