Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

Here’s an interview with Joanne St Clair, Engineer, Teacher, Music fanatic and Founder of The Naked Raver, which celebrates feminine spirit.  Here, Joanne explains her journey across disciplines to her present career.

Tell me about your unusual mix of backgrounds from engineering to rock’n’roll

Music has always been an essential aspect of my life from an early age. From my childhood Saturday nights ballroom dancing at Blackpool Tower, to disco dancing in my grandparents local working men’s club, music  has proved a continuous narrative in my development.

In 1987 I encountered house music via the rave scene, something I developed a passion for and one that accompanied me through my University days all the way into my professional career. Being led to believe that life was about securing a serious role in life, I opted for a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Upon graduation, I put myself into a male dominated environment. Although I enjoyed the work, I found the environment very challenging. One day I decided I had had enough and I embarked on a spur of the moment trip to Los Angeles,  relying solely on intuition to guide my actions. Within three weeks of arriving in L.A., I had met and fallen in love with a homeless singer-songwriter.  Next thing I knew we got married, I became his manager in the music industry, running a small DIY label, driving forward music events, and overseeing various third party projects.

How then did you come to write a book about personal development?

My experience made me see how responsible I was for my life and how, by making the correct choices, I could carve out an amazing life for myself. This understanding didn’t come over night. But, the more I researched, delved, and experimented, the more I came to realize that there is a whole world within an individual just waiting to be explored.  My engineering and scientific background aided my understanding of the principles I had discovered. Writing a book about personal development is a natural part of the process I began some while back.

Give me an insight into Statue in the Square – as you know I am a business writer and have not dared take on a novel!


Statue in the Square is an allegorical novel about Destiny, told through the eyes of Jane Frasier, a young professional who has it all. However, life isn’t everything its cracked up to be and Jane is questioning its deeper meaning. Taking another day off work, she sits in her favourite spot by a bronze statue, observing people as they pass by. When it starts to rain she heads for the nearest café where, to her surprise, a stranger is waiting for her. The stranger unveils a powerful philosophy for living, one that invites Jane to live life at its most authentic and adventurous level. Over the course of one week he teaches her seven lessons which, if applied, will completely change her life.

There is certainly a lot of evidence that suggests that having it all does not make us feel more rich.  Tell me about your company and current interests?

In September 2012, Daniel Orlick (my husband) and I launched Naked Raver, a very cool lifestyle empowerment brand for women.  We create music, books, art and (eventually) fashion that embrace the feminine spirit, encouraging women to be beautifully confident in all that they do.

Naked Raver Logo

We have a range of fabulous artwork which is currently available to purchase and our first piece of music has just been released.  Basically everything we have done in our ten years of marriage has all come together under this banner.  We have been fully able to utilize our skills and passions in a very fun-filled and business driven away.  Our motto is simply: Every woman has a Naked Raver inside. We help her set it free.

Contact Joanne at The Naked Raver.  We finish with Avril Lavigne and her song Naked:

If you feel like a rave this Thursday 07 March evening, get yourself down to Fruitworks for a book launch and some FREE beer.  As far as I know, there will be no nudity tho’ 🙂  Rave Un 2 the Joy Fantastic at BOOKS, BEER and ROCK’N’ROLL – Booking is essential as we are nearly full:

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 11.02.20

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