Route 66

I must point out straight away that the phrase “Top Shelf” in the main post means “good” in the US, so it’s OK to read on …

This blog is a review by US Music Journalist Janet Hansen. In my opinion she has gone WAY beyond the normal reviewer’s task and created a piece of writing that stands on it’s own merits as a superb set of insights into the creative process in music and business. Janet makes points from her own experience in the music business and I was delighted to receive this recently, having had nothing more than a Twitter conversation with her. Check her other blog posts out which offer rare insights into music, musicians and creativity at work. Janet is also part of a women’s empowerment movement across the USA entitled ‘Women Who Rock”.  Contact her on Twitter @scout66com and via her BLOG.

Scout66com's Blog

For as long as it takes you to read The Music of Business, drop all vices and preconceived notions, then get ready for a heady ride. British author, Peter Cook has compiled a top shelf read that should remain in your library as a reference and an inspiration. This book is about the art of busines explained through the business of music.

MOB Page 1 Cover Low

This review is coming a little later than planned as there’s a lot to think about when you get into the various voices and opinions relayed through Cook’s lens. It takes a good deal of background knowledge to make all the necessary associations here. You need to know about science, business, music history, and pop culture to connect the dots bringing away the full impact of Cook’s intent.


This is a book for the thinking person, the one who is serious about the path they’ve chosen…

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  1. I’ve got the book – now I must read it!

    Kind Regards


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