Simon Heath’s work in corporate graphic illustration – an absolute joy. Contact him for your next conference at, or for a full assault on your synapses, hire Simon and myself for some “Art, Business and Rock’n’Roll” at your next conference.  Our next booking is in New York with a Pharmaceutical Company for an innovation summit.


In my last post but one I said a little bit about what I now do for a living. This post expands on that by delving into the topic of sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting is a technique in which one uses imagery and diagrams in note-taking as a way of anchoring memory, concepts, context and themes. Done well, it helps bring content to life in a unique and compelling way. It provides an opportunity for warm humour and leaves a long-lasting impression. You’ll never want to throw your meeting or conference notes away again and I guarantee it’ll be much easier to recall what the hell was going on.

As a consulting artist with a corporate background I am uniquely placed to offer sketchnoting as one of my services. This might see me sitting alongside your senior management team on a strategy retreat, attending a sales meeting or capturing the Chairman’s town…

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