Sex, Drugs and Data

I recently attended The Association of Clinical Data Management Conference, where I gave the final keynote.  Alongside my talk I was privileged to hear some insights into the Anti-Doping programme at the London Olympics, hence the title of this post. Having heard the intrusive urine collection process that athletes had to go through, I’m rather glad I was not an athlete!

Anyway, on to innovation and the pharmaceutical industry.  Here’s the slide deck from the presentation below.  I’m happy to take interested people through the slides via a Google Hangout.   Simply get in touch if interested and I will be happy to run a collaborative online masterclass.

The main points we explored at the conference may be summarised:

  1. The differences between creativity and innovation, which are poorly understood in my long experience.
  2. Strategies and techniques for creativity and innovation, drawn from our toolkit of 130 + approaches, based on 18 years of teaching these at MBA level and which recently beat well-branded innovation companies to a pitch.  We’re writing a book on innovation and creativity presently.
  3. The impact of big data and a world where analysis must be married with creativity if innovation is to occur.  Data is estimated to be rising by 40% compound interest rate to 45 ZB by 2020.  This offers us the possibility of ‘drowning in data’ or ‘swimming with information’.  In a world where everything is measureable and measured, the opportunity for doing things that seem intuitively cool is potentially diminished.
  4. The importance of Failure in the context of Success.  All successful innovators have failed many times, yet we live in a world where the expectation is ‘right first time innovation’.  This paradox must be resolved.

Read more about all of this in “The Music of Business“.  Check the references out below:

And finally, let’s see where the title of this blog emanated from:


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