Creativity and Logo Visual Thinking – An audience with John Varney at The Centre For Management Creativity

Logo Visual Thinking in action - in corporate seminar rooms, in gardens, in teams

Logo Visual Thinking in action – in corporate seminar rooms, in gardens, in teams, in your company

I spent a very pleasant afternoon interviewing John Varney, Director of The Centre For Management Creativity in North Yorkshire, on creativity, business, visual thinking and how the built environment is a major influence on the health and productivity in organisations.

John is the inventor of Logo Visual Thinking, which helps organisations, teams and individuals envision new ideas, create shared futures and solve complex problems or opportunities.  I must declare an interest here, as I have used John’s LVT hexagons to help companies do Scenario Planning and Creative Thinking over many years with dramatic effects.  I will let John take up the story via the Google hangout that we organised:

Here’s three ‘takeaway points’ I took from our dialogue.  There are many more in the youtube film.  Perhaps the first time that C.P Snow has been mentioned on a Google hangout!

  1. Logo Visual Thinking enables people to explore different ideas in a less confrontational way than traditional brainstorming approaches.  As a ‘nominal’ approach, LVT advantages introverts who sometimes get squashed in conventional creative thinking sessions.  It also allows people to find connections between the complex and seemingly unconnected ideas, which is often where fortunes are made.
  2. Alongside that, The Centre For Management Creativity provides a unique environment in which people can co-create and is an example to organisations around the world of how to create a physical and psychological environment where creativity and innovation are ‘business as usual’.  Not only does it have all the modern corporate comforts in terms of technology and so on if these are required.  It offers a certain stillness within the ability to have reflective adventures in a  yorkshire landscape.
  3. Creativity also needs to be nurtured and this requires skilled facilitation if data is to turn into information, knowledge and wisdom.   This is much easier to write than do, having experienced both ends of the spectrum in my long career of working with groups and organisations.  CMC have a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience in this area.

Contact John Varney at The Centre For Management Creativity or at Logo Visual Thinking, for tools for practical dreamers.  A visit to High Trenhouse on Malham Moor is highly recommended.  Even Harry Potter has been there …

A Kind of Magic on Malham Tarn

And finally, since I mentioned “Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape”, this I feel gives me the perfect excuse to play the song of the same name by my friend Bill Nelson, who I went to see at the Clothworkwers Hall in Leeds University School of Music just recently.  Bill Nelson is a man whose authenticity shines like a beacon, and who I know often draws inspiration from the area around Malham Tarn.

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