Pictures of you – Visual Thinking 2.0

Introducing Jorma Lehtinen from Finland – passionate entrepreneur, world class mindmapper – and Rock & Business lover 🙂  Jorma has taken mapping to the next level, building on Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping approach and combining it with his “ecosystemic” approaches and multimedia contents.  His motto is “Design as Dialogues” i.e. he views maps as multilevel and multidimensional design canvases. Maps are constructed and used in challenging situations to support dynamic dialogue building over the silos – not only static presentations.  He kindly did some summaries of The Music of Business for me and here they are.  Hover and click  on the images & hot spots to see the full content with notes and links:

Notium 2.0 Design by Jorma   Lehtinen

Notium 2.0 Design by Jorma Lehtinen – Click to view the interactive map

Notium 2.0 Design by Jorma Lehtinen

Notium 2.0 Design by Jorma Lehtinen – Click to view the interactive map

In a busy world, these maps offer rapid access to knowledge in ways that give overview and some sense of the content.  I’ve written previously that as the volume of data grows exponentially, we need ways to ‘swim with information‘, rather than ‘drown in data”.  Jorma’s approach helps us do the former.  You can check Jorma’s background info at Jorma.  The Music of Business Maps above can be seen also in Notium Gallery of 2.0 Maps.

In related posts on visual thinking, a while back I wrote on the subject of Logo Visual Thinking with John Varney at the Centre for Management Creativity.  We’ve also featured the work of Simon Heath in this regard, who we are shortly taking to New York to assist in capturing tacit knowledge at an innovation summit for a major Pharmaceutical company.  All these approaches help busy people do better things quicker.

And to finnish from Finland :-), here’s the title of this blog by the magnificent band The Cure:


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2 responses to “Pictures of you – Visual Thinking 2.0

  1. The first blog post I read from you. I think innovation and music is an interesting combination. Great to see someone is writing from it. And yeah, that “swim with information” term is nice because that’s what it’s all about nowadays.


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