Do Rock Music and Economics Mix?

Today marks the global launch of the song “Fiscal Cliff”, a hard rock song about the hard road to recovery! 🙂  The song is available on iTunes, AmazonCDbabyGoogle Play and all the usual outlets – simply click on the White Cliffs below to listen to the song on iTunes:

Click on the White Cliffs to buy the song

Fiscal Cliff tells the story of a broker who looks out over the city one day, reflects upon his life of spreads, swaps, junk bonds etc. and decides that he has caused chaos.  His solution?  To jump the literal Fiscal Cliff!   In the middle of the song, he seeks help with his condition in the form of a consultation with “The God of Economics” who reads him a prayer which changes his mind.  Finally, he decides not to jump the cliff and repents!   Fiscal Cliff was recorded with Bernie Tormé, ace guitar player for Ozzy Osbourne and Ian Gillan.  The song features a Swiss Banker on lead vocals.  The video includes the destruction of a burning corporate edifice with a flaming guitar, and the moment when Tormé felt he had to physically assault me in the studio when I made a mistake on the guitar solo!

If you are able to help spread the song around the world, I’d be ever so grateful.  Here’s a few things that would help:

  1. Buy a copy of the song on i Tunes or any other music outlet
  2. Ask friends, contacts and colleagues to do the same
  3. Spread this blog via Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, Linkedin, Digg, Tumblr, Last FM, Spotify etc.
  4. Reblog this piece
  5. If you know any journalists, please put them in touch.  We are particularly looking for newspaper, radio, TV interviews in the USA, UK and Europe.   We are in New York shortly for interviews
  6. Anything else you can think of – JDI – Just Do It – seek forgiveness rather than permission 🙂

Check this radio interview out:

Here’s the storyboard and lyrics to the song to whet your appetite, with illustrations by Simon Heath, social media’s “Quick Draw McGraw” who were are working with in New York when we deliver the innovation summit:

The Story board for Fiscal Cliff – illustrations by Simon Heath, social media’s “Quick Draw McGraw” –

The Story board for Fiscal Cliff – illustrations by Simon Heath, social media’s “Quick Draw McGraw” –

The video for Fiscal Cliff will follow shortly.  Will it be a hit or a miss?  Let’s see.  Fiscal Cliff is available iTunes,  AmazonCDbabyGoogle Play and all other major music channels.


3 responses to “Do Rock Music and Economics Mix?

  1. Peter interesting stuff on how you made the song. I’ve just downloaded it from iTunes and am enjoying it immensely and I’ll spread the word. Good luck and I hope this gets picked up by the business community and I look forward to the fat boy slim remix.


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