Like a Rolling Stone

A few months back, I started a Linkedin Group Called “The Music of Business“.  I must say it has been an absolute and unexpected joy, with people all over the world contributing intelligent dialogue on parallels between business and music, alongside good humoured ravings about music and musicians.


One of the extraordinary surprises came one day when a very busy and respected consultant decided to write a poem using only lyrics derived from Rolling Stones songs as a eulogy to Sir Richard Branson.  I had the great pleasure of flying Virgin Atlantic the other week – space age service.  We managed to get a few pictures in the airport lounge:

Like a Virgin - Virgin's staff rock out

Like a Virgin – Virgin’s staff rock out

Here is the poem dedicated to Sir Richard Branson with thanks to Dr Reg Butterfield, Organisation Development expert, facilitator, coach and wise counsellor extraordinaire:

Dear Doctor
Surprise, surprise
Good times, bad times,
It’s not easy (for me, so)
Let it bleed (me)
(you) Heart of stone

Mercy, mercy (I’m)
Back to zero

Gotta get away (I’m)
Torn and frayed
(on my) 19th nervous breakdown
(and) Losing touch

(I’m between) The spider and the fly
Pretty beat up
Too much blood (money)
I’m going down
(between a) Rock and a hard place

(it’s) Complicated
All down the line
I don’t know why
Ain’t too proud to beg
(cause I’m) Back to zero

If you really want to be my friend
Sparks will fly

(I’m) Going home
In another land
(with) Mixed emotions
I’m Free

Just my imagination

(Yours) Soul survivor

It occurs to me that we have the raw materials in this group to write a collaborative book in the future!  In the meantime, please join “The Music of Business” on Linkedin.  It’s only rock’n’roll business but you will like it!

The Virgin Revivals Lounge - First Class

The Virgin Revivals Lounge – First Class

We finish with the title of this blog by the main man Jimi Hendrix:


About the Blogger:  Peter Cook leads The Academy of Rock – Keynote events with a difference and Human Dynamics – Business and organisation development, training and coaching.  Contact via


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