Causing a Commotion … for Charity

Big thanks to Dr Andrew Sentance for inviting me to step in as a guest with his classic rock band “Revelation” at a Charity event in Essex the other week. I donned my spray tan, had a tattoo and a few piercings done and headed off to the party, which, to my surprise was nothing like “The Only Way Is Essex”. In fact we helped to raise £2000 for St Lukes’ Hospice which was an incredible amount for an evening like this.  Pre-order your copy of the song I wrote for Prince in support of a Children’s Hospice at Amazon.

Revelation, not Revolution

Revelation, not Revolution

Here’s a short video of the evening including the moment when the audience took over the instruments and the stage on “Smoke on the Water”:

We were unable to practice before the event but Andrew’s band Revelation are very flexible and we quickly established some ways of sending each other messages to help us gel as a band. Andrew commented himself on this point:

“The business lesson here is that when the team is well-aligned and each individual knows what they are doing, an awful lot can be achieved without too much team preparation and rehearsal. Spontaneity and good performance can coexist when people are focused on the same end goal and are capable and proficient in their own sphere. If the team turn up all individually unprepared and with very different objectives, it is a recipe for disaster in music and business!”

The band’s diet of music would perhaps not be my first choice of material as they do hits ranging from The Shadows, Chuck Berry through to Dire Straits and The Doobie Brothers. They are great songs but I have simply been overexposed to the standards like “Sultans of Swing”, “Apache”, “Alright Now” and “Long Train Running” at open mic jam sessions!!!  That may tell you more about me than the brilliance of these songs. However, I had a revelation at the charity gig as this gave me something new perform around and the experience was all the more enjoyable for that, even if I had to play some of the solos backwards ….

I have gotten so bored with 'Open Mic Jam Session standards' like "Sultans of Swing" that I need to play them backwards these days to maintain focus.

I have gotten so bored with ‘Open Mic Jam Session standards’ like “Sultans of Swing” that I need to play them backwards these days to maintain focus and engagement …. 🙂

Another of my musical collaborations with Andrew is the RockintheCity band which also includes the drummer from Revelation Pete Stephens. We plan to do some Charity events in the City of London.  Andrew and I have been invited to appear on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Business Breakfast programme to talk about the RockintheCity concept.  Further to this we and are looking for event sponsors for the Charity events.  Our next warm up gig is a private party in August.  Take a look at Andrew’s Blog for some more details of our exploits.

Rock In the City - Lock up your cheque books!!

Rock In the City – Lock up your cheque books!! – Logo design by Simon Heath @simonheath1 on Twitter

Finally, here’s the impromptu encore from the evening, filmed by the drummer’s daughter and the title that inspired this post:


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