The High Priest of Fusion

I interviewed Maxi Priest recently about his life and music. He is credited as having fused Soul, R&B and Reggae in his music and is one of the most successful reggae fusion acts of all-time.  Check the interview with ME1TV out:

Max’s fusion of different styles came from being exposed to an enormous variety of music as a child. Starting by singing Gospel music in Church for his mother and being asked to sing Country songs by his father, he absorbed Motown, Reggae, Pop and a wide range of other musical genres, fusing it into his own unique style.

The parallel lesson for me is that it is wise to sample from a diverse range of sources to create something new.  A unique proposition can arises from fusing things together into a product or service that is hard to copy or beat.  That also means sampling from a wide palette of knowledge, skills and experiences.

Fuse, don’t Confuse!!

Sample from a diverse palette 

Check Max’s new album out “Easy to Love“.  Here’s a sample:

Maxi Priest Camden

It’s easy to love Maxi Priest – a lovely guy


Peter Cook leads Human Dynamics, offering better Organisation Development, Training and Coaching. He offers keynotes that blend World Class Leadership Thinking with the wisdom of the street via The Academy of Rock – where Business Meets Music. Author of seven books on Business Leadership, acclaimed by Tom Peters, Professors Charles Handy, Adrian Furnham and Harvey Goldsmith CBE. Connect with us on our Linkedin Company Page and join our group The Music of Business where we discuss parallel lessons from Business and Music.





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