Shaking off Brexit apathy

Rage Against The Brexit Machine

28 Anti-Fascist Hits to Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain

“Brexit was won by naked populism … We stand naked to fight populism with pop music. We will fight them on the beaches, with our DJs, dancefloors and decks. Our turntables will turn the tables on Brexit. We shall never surrender”

Peter Cook, “Brexorcist in Chief”, RATBM


I awakened from my satirical slumbers on 24th June 2016 and have been writing and performing poignant and punchy protest songs against the populist coup formerly known as Brexit ever since.  Along with a cast of insurgents, RATBM were most recently targeted by James Goddard and Tommy Robinson fans in Manchester.

Our latest project is a collaboration album of anti-fascist hits called “Rage Against The Brexit Machine”. Working with NUB Records, Guinness Book of Records’ award winner and maverick music magnates.  Almost a triple album of songs at one hour and 53 minutes long for just £7.99 with all proceeds going towards Brexit insurgency.

PRE ORDER THE ALBUM OF 28 ANTI BREXIT HITS BY CLICKING THE LINKS – all downloads contribute to chart success.  If we chart the album we drive another stake through the Brexit Hydra’s heart … it needs many such stakes !!



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Rage Against The Brexit Machine includes such classics as:

  • The Chas & Dave Cockney Brexit Knees-Up “Bollocks to Brexit”.
  • The punk-metal-trance-funk grind “Nigel Farage’s Garage”.
  • The Bojo Blow Job swing “Take Back Control”, based on the French sex hit “Je T’Aime”.
  • A poignant dance floor groove called “In Limbo”. An epic project taking 3 months, 132 tracks and 20 voices from EU Citizens all over Europe.  In Limbo tells the tales of all “Citizens of Nowhere” left outside alone, hurt and injured by Boris Johnson’s Nazi undertones about “surrender”, “letterboxes” and “humbug” about murders of MP’s.  Where Windrush leads, Brexit follows.
  • The Remainers marching song from our street protests all over the country and as far as Brussels “We’re not Gonna Brexit”, sung by our own “Twisted Sister”, Rachel Ashley.
  • An 18th Century Tory Trance Floor Fascist Groove “Jacob Rees-Moog”.

“Music reaches our heads, hearts and souls in ways that politicians only dream of. The art of protest just found its 21st century voice”

We aim to “Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain”.


Pull up a mattress and listen to a couple of bonus tracks:

3 responses to “Shaking off Brexit apathy

  1. I find it ironical that a lot is being written about the language of some of the politicians – all parties – being inflammatory and potentially causing violence. Yet here, the language is far from sanguine or helpful in such a contentious and difficult political situation. How can bridges be built and a sensible solution be found in such circumstances? It just puts more oil on the fire, I suggest. As an expat English person I am not allowed a vote or have a say in the matter and can just watch from the sidelines and wonder whatever happened to democracy and the rule of law in the UK.


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