Smoke on the Water

In this edition, we examine the classic rock track “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple. Check out Steve Peer’s interview below:

In the interview we deal with subjects such as:

  • Which was the definitive Deep Purple line up? One of our commenters sums up the answer!

It just isn’t the same band. Oh sure, they say it’s still Deep Purple but to me, “Purple” was Gillian, Glover, Lord, Blackmore and Ian Paice. With new players, the band has evolved into a completely different entity. Good music yeah…but not stone cold Purple.

  • What are some of the distinctive elements of the track that make it so enduring? The drummer’s view and the guitar hero’s obsession?
  • What about the anatomy of the band? How do you hold dysfunctional and explosive elements together?

To access the transferable lessons for businesses and leaders check out our article on Linkedin on the topic.

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Our next interview will focus on a classic Roxy Music track. What’s her name? No, it’s not Virginia Plain!

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