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I met Garage Band legend Billy Childish the other week at an anti-Brexit street event.  Billy headed Medway Garage Bands TV21, The Pop Rivets and Thee Milkshakes.  Billy was famously involved with artist Tracy Emin for many years and turned down Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

Billy Childish I

Billy has a self portrait in Rochester which was recently “abused” by Brexit supporters, who wrote “Brexit is Childish” in blood on the picture.  He claims that the attack on the painting has improved it.  In any case, it gave us the chance to discuss Brexit which Billy considers a mistake.  We’ll never know if Childish mutilated the painting himself.  This is the artist’s privilege.  That said, it would have been incredibly hard to mutilate the painting without a very long ladder …

Billy Childish II

I used to play alongside these bands with my own pop art punk bands in the 1980’s. To compete with the surf music style, we employed a spin dryer to help us in our “pop art” 🙂


Here is some of Billy’s Garage Band music:



The Brexit Party album

Announcing The Brexit Party Album. The ideal accompaniment to any party to end Brexit … containing 10 anti-Brexit hits and the bonus track “Bollocks to Brexit”.  The Brexit party is the party to end all parties and this album will help you end Brexit bullshit …

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 17.27.00.png

Here’s the first track “We are Donkeys” – a very dark reflection from Nigel Farage on UKIP / The Brexit Party / ERG / BNP / DUP with a confessional style:

We are told that the songs go well with a milkshake …


And we have just a few hard copies left of our book on changing minds “Let’s talk about BREX .. it” – available for £13.00 inc P&P.

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Bernie Tormé R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that I write this article about my friend Bernie Tormé, songwriter, guitarist and collaborator with Ozzy Osbourne and Ian Gillan, who sadly passed on St Patrick’s Day.  I lost a friend, mentor and music legend.  My family’s hearts go out to Bernie’s wife and family for the good times we have shared together. This article does not dwell on the sadness of Bernie’s passing, instead the greatness of his life.

I first met Mr T at his studio in a chance encounter some 7-8 years ago, whilst recording some music for a friend’s wedding.  Bernie and I spent all day chatting whilst my friend laid down the tracks, as I only had to play bass.  Some while later, I asked Bernie if he would be willing to guest at a Music and Business event I was organising with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.  He was initially reluctant to be involved, thinking that it might involve meeting a load of “suits”, having experienced some of the worst excesses of music industry “management” in his time as a slave to Rock’n’Roll.  However, he agreed in good faith, being a trusting and humble soul.  I “baptised” the occasion by asking Bernie to set light to a guitar in the venue car park.  Once Bernie relaxed into the event, I recall that it was rather hard to extract him from the chatter … and the bar.  See Bloomberg TV for the flaming grilled guitar inferno.  It was a magical night and our friendship was forged.  Mr Tormé even forgave me when The Belfast Telegraph misread the press release I sent to them and mixed up Bernie Tormé with Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s writing partner.  As far as I know Bernie had never collaborated with the originator of crocodile rock and high heel sneakers.

Belfast Telegraph

Having gained Bernie’s confidence that not all business people are dull, he invited me round to his house the week after.  I wondered why and he just said he had something to talk about.  We spent the evening discussing his renaissance in a wide-ranging conversation about music, marketing and money.  For a while, little seemed to happen following our dialogue, but slowly, some of the things we discussed started to come to fruition.  Bernie kindly credited me on his album as making a contribution to his renaissance, alongside pyrotechnics rock icon Arthur Brown, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider and Ginger Wildheart.  It’s possibly the best feedback I’ve ever had, beating 10 out of 10 on a conference feedback form!

Bernie Torme Quote

Bernie Tormé – The man

Bernie typifies many musicians, in so far as I found him to be a gentle giant.  Unassuming off stage, thoughtful, intelligent and passionate about his art and many other topics from philosophy, history, literature, environmentalism and politics.  Many people think of rock musicians as being extroverts, but I sense Bernie gained a lot of his strength from a more introverted sense of reflection.  After all, all on stage performance is merely theatre and projection.  That said, the rock business is a vicious business and sometimes this means that quieter talents get pushed out of the queue by the narcissists.  Bernie maintained his authenticity throughout his career and he stands out for that quality alone.  His concern for humanity also extended to all God’s creatures.  I recall him insisting that a wasp nest in his garden be left alone despite the anger of the “yellow vests” around the back door of the studio!  This quality of seeing everything in balance seems to be a rare quality.  It reminded me of our own fragility and the need to realise that we are all part of a delicate eco system.


Bernie Tormé – The music

Bernie Tormé has two sides to his music.  One inspired by his Celtic roots via sublimely beautiful acoustic songs.  The other, pure hard Rawk ‘n’ Roll with the unique flavour of his guitar harmonics.  Rather that writing about it, take a listen to the two distinctly different styles.

For Bernie’s Celtic acoustic feel try Spirit Road. The last song on his last album “Farewell to Arms” is a poignant Celtic drone with an unique mix of harmonium and guitar.  Take a listen at Farewell to Arms.  For pure hard rock listen to Flow and Dublin Cowboy.  Both of these songs feature Bernie’s trademark guitar harmonics and dive-bombing tremolo use, which set him apart from the crowd.

Bernie is also a talented songwriter and lyricist.  I was captured by the song he wrote for Randy Rhoads who died in a plane crash, forcing Bernie to step literally into the dead man’s shoes.  It seems apt here.  Listen to Good Man Down.

For an insight into Bernie’s music, see our conversation via the interview.  I was honoured to have performed with him a few times on stage at his gigs in London and Brighton.

The last thing Bernie and I did together was to discuss helping him write a different kind of biography.  He also kindly recorded and produced several of the tracks we made for our Rage Against The Brexit Machine project.  I recall his extreme levels of patience, tact and diplomacy when working with one of my colleagues from The Bank of England who was not a great musician, singer  nor a great diplomat himself.  I also had the privilege of watching him coach singer Madeleina Kay from a low point of confidence and competence in her voice.  This requires mastery, as you are often trying to achieve fundamental identity level change when you are trying to change someone’s art.

It’s easy to be humble and authentic when you are not in the public eye.  The pressures of fame often bring out the worst in people.  I salute Bernie for maintaining his sense of self in the crazy world of entertainment.  I thank him for teaching me mastery of the art of music and simply for being Bernie Tormé.

Rest in Rock’n’Roll mate.

Fire alarm 2








Je T’aime

Please download copies of our anti-Brexit “sex anthem” Take Back Control which hit No 29 on Amazon !!!! just below Ariana Grande, The Beach Boys and ahead of Pet Shop Boys, Abba and Busted

Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 13.35.38


Please DOWNLOAD, GIFT and SHARE the song x 5 – ALL downloads count towards charting the song so a pint of beer buys five, a cup of coffee three etc.

FACEBOOK just banned an ad we did.  Apparently it’s OK to threaten to hang someone on social media or suggest they kill themselves, but not OK to make suggestive noises in a song !!!!!  Let’s ask Madonna and Taylor Swift for their views on the matter?

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 10.23.32

Since they banned a perfectly innocuous film, we have made a PG rated one … 🙂

We plan to get it to the UK Top 40 this week. In doing so we gain the opportunity to mainstream the Brexit lies of May, Boris, Jacob, Gove and Fox via mainstream media.

Be part of a phenomenon to STOP BREXIT …

All links via BUY NOW

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Whilst you are here, and on a much more serious level, read our latest article at Voices for Europe on what the question for a People’s Vote should be – To BREXIT or NOT to BREXIT – what is the question?




Return to Sender – Letters to Theresa May

Add your name to The People’s Letters  to Theresa May via GOOGLE DRIVE – just type your name in an empty space on the spreadsheet.
We present the letters to No 10 on Wed 27 Feb at 16.30 with the worldwide premiere of “Take Back Control” – a satirical song to crush Brexit mayhem.

READ the letters below:

On LEADERSHIP – Europa United

On Business and Trade – Voices for Europe

On Strategy, Negotiation and Conflict – Newsleaf



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Brexit Goes Up To 11 …

Some of you will recall the famous sequence in the spoof Rockumentary “This is Spinal Tap”. I got thinking about the virtues of economy when I was pondering how much we have been manipulated by lies over the Brexit referendum. In data management terms we are still “drowning in data” on Brexit rather than “swimming with information” and fake news abounds, such as the bizarre story from a man I met in a pub who told me he voted to leave because he did not like garlic! Even more unusual the elderly “Christian” couple in a cafe who said that we must now leave because it was God’s will – My God!

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I decided to use the idea of less is more to simplify Brexit using the medium of just 11 words on single issues. The use of constraints as a spur to sharper thinking is a device I’ve used many times in my writing such as in the book Punk Rock People Management. Here then are some stylised memes. For a longer read, check out our articles at Europa United and The Independent.

Lest we forget the great moment when the amplifiers went up to 11, here we go …

It is clear that Chequers proposal is now officially dead – it will be represented again within the next 9 days and will be again rejected as a “walking wounded” proposal, in part because of the divisions inside the Conservative party.  That will leave the real choice as follows:

No Deal = “Sudden Death Brexit” versus RNR or “Remain and Reform”

Find out more about our plans to Exit Brexit at Exit Brexit.

p.s. Note that there are only 10 of these memes at present.  It would be nice to go up to 11 …


In Limbo

Imagine you lived in a place for years, had made it your home, raised a family, worked there, paid your taxes only to then be told you are worth no more than a bargaining chip in a political game? This is the world we inhabit in our so-called Great Britain at the moment. I was touched personally at the stories of EU citizens who face continued uncertainty over their future if we decide to leave the European Union. These have been compiled into a wonderful book by Elena Remigi with the help of Véronique Martin and Tim Sykes called In Limbo – Brexit testimonies from EU citizens in the UK. In Limbo tells the human tales of the ground floor impact of our heartless strategies to use our EU citizens as human shields. Heartbreaking insights from people who have been so badly let down by our so-called Government that works for all. I feel ashamed to be called British in the knowledge that our European friends are being used as in this way just to prop up an internal political party squabble.

You might be thinking … “but didn’t Theresa May offer our EU citizens security just the other week?”  On the surface it might look like that.  Look again :

  1. The current “settled status” on offer basically reduces rights of people who have lived, worked and paid taxes in the UK.
  2. EU citizens are not necessarily allowed to stay in the UK if they are married to a British citizen. Just imagine how you would feel if your Government told you that?
  3. Some people say things like “We didn’t mean YOU when we voted to leave.” So who DID you mean when you voted Leave? How do you decide that I can stay but my neighbour can’t?
  4. People also say “Why did not not get citizenship?” Because you need Permanent Residency first, it costs a fortune and many people are happy being an EU citizen.

On a personal level, Brexit has divided my family after I walked out of my own house at a Sunday tea, when my brother in law told me to “get over the referendum”, claiming that there were 2 million rapists waiting to come to the UK from Berlin. He had clearly been brainwashed by our populist media. We have not seen them since … and this division is not going away, despite the nonsense protestations of our political leaders. I was also punched in my local area soon after the referendum so one does not even have to be an EU citizen to face xenophobia from Leave voters. Below are two extracts from In Limbo.

I cried at the dentist’s today. My dentist is lovely and my teeth are OK. I don’t cry easily and it really took me by surprise. But he asked me kindly how I had been since our last appointment six months ago and I told him what Brexit has meant to me and my husband. After thirty years of life in this country and twenty seven years married to a British citizen, I am not entitled to Permanent Residency. This is because I’ve never had the Comprehensive Health Insurance (CSI), illegal according to EU standards, which is only now being imposed as a necessity. I told him about feeling betrayed, let down and abused by the government who did not do the humane and moral thing by us and our families. And who also betrayed and let down the Brits in relationships/marriages with EU citizens as well as the Brits living in the EU, who are now reduced, as we are, to mere bargaining chips. Then suddenly, in the silence of his room, with his kind and bemused eyes on me, lying on the chair as on a psychiatrist’s sofa, I heard my voice break and tears started rolling down my face. I felt mortified but it made me realise the amount of stress and sadness I have been carrying inside for the past eight months. I know that, sadly, my fellow EU citizens here feel exactly the same.

V., France

As an Englishman living in Germany and denied a vote, my perspective is different to that of the Europeans in the UK, but we share similarities all the same. It’s only since I’ve been abroad (and particularly since the dreadful vote of June 23rd) that I have come to fully appreciate just how I was subject to the drip, drip, drip brainwashing as a child and growing up in England. We were the British, victors of WW2 and by default better than everyone else. It was the Great Escape and the Dambusters every holiday on TV. I even read war comics like Victor and Commando where the Germans were the square-jawed aliens uttering robotic sayings like “Achtung, Achtung” and “Surrender, Englischer Schweinhund!” Everything we did had to be slightly different – drive on the left, imperial weights and measures, even ‘Jeux Sans Frontières’ on TV couldn’t be translated literally (it had to be called ‘It’s a Knockout!’ – which made no sense at all). ‘The Continent’ was somewhere away across the water, full of people who were inherently inferior somehow, even if it wasn’t expressed directly in those terms. Somehow, I managed to ditch most of this nonsense baggage I’d been saddled with. Marrying a German and experiencing other Europeans first-hand has taught me the truth of the situation. Empire days are long gone. We need Europe. Forty years of progress are now being thrown away. My sister and my best friend in the UK voted Leave. I don’t recognise the country anymore and don’t want to be associated with it now. I hate what this ridiculous Referendum has done to my country and my relationship with people who are close to me. I truly believe that future generations will condemn this period in our history in the same way that we now look back at the madness of the First World War.

Bower, UK citizen living in Germany

Elena will be present at the No 10 Vigil this Friday 7th July if you would like to meet her and talk with her about the book. I continue to fight for a Better Britain in a Stronger Europe and I hope that these people will get the justice they deserve. Find In Limbo on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle book. Check out the In Limbo Facebook page. As for me, the way forward can be summarised in 6 words starting with a B:

We finish with some punchy satire that sums up the illusions of some people about EU citizens living in the DisUnited Kingdom from 4N Boyz:


Peter Cook leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock. He also leads the musical direction of the No 10 Vigil, designed to Stop Brexit Dead.  Find out more about his plans finish the job at Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain.