Coaching and Mentoring

Patti Reference

Over the years, I’ve been told that I’m an inspiration, an endless source of practical tools / methods / advice for getting difficult things done and a great coach / mentor. This includes work with Patti Russo, long-term singing partner with Meatloaf and with performances with Queen and Cher. Examples of how we help include:

  • Helping a wide range of people to present themselves and their ideas in public
  • Marketing strategies and tactics that work – using both traditional and social media
  • Finding ways through chaos and disorder
  • Career reinvention and renewal

And on the dark side …

  • Money, Money, Money: I’ve helped people recover debts who had given up hope in areas where banks are unable or unwilling to help
  • Corporate ghostbusting: Helping to purge companies of poisonous people who are killing the business
  • Two tribes: Resolving chronic complex conflicts which were draining the individuals and their companies of valuable time / energy

I operate in a directive capacity (that’s tell in English) when you simply need expert advice and encouragement.  I also work in a facilitative way (prodding, supporting and nudging) when your need is more complex or where you need to make a wise decision for the future from conflicting priorities.

Not only Socrates but also Thor ...

Not only Socrates but also Thor …

If you would like the benefit of a Coach / Mentor with attitude, simply give me a call on ++ 44 (0) 7725 927585 or mail me at 

Our rates are competitive and we are simply the best. Usually 3 or 4 sessions spread out over a few months will deal with the problem / opportunity you seek to address.

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