Book – The Music of Business Volume II

For nearly 20 years now, I have been writing, speaking and consulting about the parallels between the business universe and the world of music, be it rock, jazz, classical etc. This follows my much longer involvement with three passions that have fuelled my career: Science, Business and Music. Many other leaders around the world have also seen the parallels.

“The Music of Business” offers a powerful dose of business intelligence mixed with the wisdom of pop and rock’s monarchy. What can Lady Gaga, The Kaiser Chiefs and Andy Warhol teach you about Business Strategy? What can you learn about creativity and innovation from The Beatles, Prince and David Bowie? How can your company accelerate its growth through the wisdom of Meatloaf, Madonna or Motorhead? Can Jazz help you beat the competition? What can Punk Rock, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin teach you that an MBA cannot? Can Britney Spears and Spinal Tap help your company become a learning company?

“The Music of Business brings together world class thinking on business with parallel lessons from music, be it jazz, rock or classical. “This book is a great tool for people in business”

Harvey Goldsmith CBE – The man behind Live Aid

“It was the first business book I have ever managed to finish, or indeed get beyond the first chapter”

Larry Elliot, The Guardian. Read the full review in The Guardian.


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