Sir Ken Robinson – End of the line

Sir Ken Robinson died just recently aged 70.  Author of “All Our Futures”, a book that asked the Government to change its approach to education and perhaps most famous for his TED talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?“.

I was invited to lunch with Ken at Warwick University just around the turn of the century, long before he did his famous TED lecture.  He invited me there after spotting that I’d released my first book “Best Practice Creativity“.  In truth I did not know much about him at that time, so of course I did my research.  Ken had a working class upbringing, suffered from Polio at the age of four and consequently had a very hard time at school which he reflected upon in later life.  But he never seemed to let his condition hold him back from learning and enquiring with a curiosity that endured through his distinguished career.

“A rare mixture of uncommon intelligence, wisdom and foresight with the common touch of someone who did not forget where he came from”

We had a wonderful dialogue, not least because of our shared interest in creativity but also because of our backgrounds, Ken in theatre and drama and mine in music as well as science.  We found much in common, in terms of our shared experience that command and control teaching and management produces low levels of achievement and attainment, he from his experience in theatre and mine from my experience in teaching for the Open University MBA programme in Creativity, Innovation and Change.   We also shared a lot on what might be called whole brain teaching and learning, finding ways to engage every student through cross-curricular teaching approaches.

Some time later, I heard that Ken was somewhat disappointed that his report on creativity in education commissioned by the Government had largely been ignored by the Government of the day.  I suspect that this was simply because he was too far ahead of his time.  He left the UK shortly after this.  I remember Ken saying many years later when we net in London, that the Americans listened to him better when he moved to the Getty Institute, perhaps because he was an eccentric Englishman.  I thought more about our conversation to this day when I included some reflections on our dialogue in the book “Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise”:

Ken Robinson

I hope that Ken’s messages will reach politicians now that we are having to re-think education for the information age.  The simple upload – download model of knowledge via examinations has been outmoded for many years and has come into sharp relief under the COVID crisis.  The simple storage and regurgitation of knowledge is now less relevant than the ability to apply knowledge to solve problems and seek opportunities.  We need more people like Ken in the world to help us find better solutions to complex problems.


One of the great joys of our lunchtime conversation was our shared love of music.  We both grew up on The Beatles, Ken of course because he hailed from Liverpool.  It therefore seems fitting to end with Ken’s favourite song from his Desert Island Discs programme which informed the title of this post.




We’ll meet again – R.I.P. Dame Vera Lynn

It’s a sad day for Britain.  Dame Vera Lynn passed away after an incredible life of 103 years.  It is a poignant moment to reflect that I wrote the song ‘Alo Vera in tribute to all the good things Lynn stood for, just one month ago.  Although she was adopted as an icon of war, her main focus has been about peace, understanding and compassion.  Her last song marked the end of the Falklands War and not the war per se.  In her private life, Vera devoted much time and energy to charity work connected with ex-servicemen, disabled children and breast cancer.  This is the mark of a true leader.  Her love of music and humanity is summed up:

“Music is so good for the soul”


Join me this evening online when I’ll be performing the song in her honour on the streets of Britain.  Check our song out at ‘Alo Vera.  Lynn was born in the East End and the song is evocative of the age.

Dame Vera Lynn – R.I.P.


Fresh Prince

Prince Logo What U C

Artwork by Simon Heath – Twitter @SimonHeath1

Under lockdown, I have had a little bit of time to compose some music in honour of Prince.  The track “Paisley Blues” is now available on Bandcamp together with my interpretation of a classic and another song I wrote for Prince in 2012 “What U C is What U Get.  Take a listen to Paisley Blues:

The track was the product of a late night recording session and came together almost instantly as a result if a happy interaction between a piano line and guitar.  To read my eulogy to Prince from four years ago, go to The Prince of Innovation.

Get in touch for our versions of Purple Rain and Sign ‘O The Times via email.  Here’s a memory of one of the last times I saw the man.  Do check our interviews out with band members at Interviews with Music Giants.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 20.32.29





The early death of Florian Schneider at 73 years of age made me reflect on the genius of Kraftwerk, the band he formed in 1970 with Ralf Hütter.  The band started producing avant-garde music using traditional instruments but quickly gravitated to electronica under the influence of Schneider and Hütter.

Originally a flute player, Schneider became interested in transforming the instrument using whatever effects units were available at the time, tape echo, ring modulator and crude synthesis techniques.  This plays to one of the definitions of creativity:

“Seeing something different in the ordinary”

An insight into his transition from flute to full synthesis of man and machine may be seen in this film:

I spent my teenage years trying to transform the sound of my violin and guitar using whatever rudimentary processors that were available.  I also used two reel to reel tape recorders, were set up on the landing of our house to produce very large loops, delays and backwards recording effects, much to my mum’s annoyance.  Later on, I took to the habit of writing books late at night to Kraftwerk songs, which provide the perfect focus and rhythm to engage with creative tasks.  Karl Bartos pointed out that the early Kraftwerk songs were produced with fairly limited options to production.  I resonate completely with this point in so far as constraints produce ingenuity.  We have so many choices in electronic music these days and sometimes less is more in so many fields.  See also Constraints and Creativity.

The other interesting thing about Kraftwerk was their innovation in terms of building Kling Klang studios as a spiritual home for their music.  Environment is a key ingredient in producing the climate needed for most creative endeavours.  This principle affects our personal lives as much as it matters in all creative endeavours.  A sense of place is really important in providing the setting for creativity.  David Bowie’s time in Berlin where he produced the trilogy of Low, Heroes and Lodger spawned one of his ground-breaking pieces, which he named after Schneider.  Bowie was a big admirer of Kraftwerk.

I was also minded to quote Kraftwerk in my latest book, where I discuss the fusion of machines, intelligence and technology with man and woman.  In the next 10 years I foresee that we may finally get to a point where we begin to harness the benefits of this 50 year old love / hate affair with the 4th industrial age.

1 War of the Worlds

From the book “Brain Based Enterprises”

Rest in peace and thank you for the inspiration.

Little Richard R.I.P. 1932-2020

If you ever wanted to understand the “anatomy” of Prince’s musical brain, a key component would have been Little Richard R.I.P. 1932-2020  His performance, projection, sexuality, androgyny and his challenges to convention.  His influence spread wide, with musicians as diverse as Bowie, AC / DC, Lemmy, James Brown, Lou Reed, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Patti Smith having cited him as a major influence.

Born in Macon, Georgia, Richard grew up in a large family and began singing at church, like so many from the deep south of the US.  This interview with David Letterman gives a good insight into the man.

Little Richard’s contribution to breaking down boundaries between races is evident in this video, foreshadowing people such as Sly and the Family Stone who had multi-ethnic lineups.  Along with Chuck Berry and Fats Domino, Richard used to invite both black and white people to his shows, even in an age of segregation and even in the deep South of the USA where the KKK were rife.


Everybody Hurts

Rishi Sunak’s “unprecedented” bailout of businesses, announced on Friday 20 March has thrown five million self-employed people under one of Boris’ fictional buses, in spite of his promise to do “Whatever it takes” to secure the livelihoods of the British people and help them do the right thing in the wake of the Corona pandemic.  In the 4th industrial age, self-employed people, gig economy workers, digital nomads, zero hours workers et al. do not fit into tidy employment categories.  These people make up some 15% of the UK working population at 5 million people and contribute £305 billion to the UK economy.  They are left outside alone from Johnson’s catchy headlines.  They are the nation’s self-starters and entrepreneurs who contribute to our net wealth and who Johnson claims are the future of Britain under Brexit, so why would he treat them in this way?  Are they too part of the generation of people who must take it on the chin?


Holly Henderson is an extremely talented singer songwriter who has just done the right thing for her country, by cancelling her US and UK tours, because of her views on our “co-dependency”.  Taking this moral decision deprives her of an income as a young person.  Nonetheless, she took the hit.  She was also viciously attacked for calling out the irresponsible behaviour of English Corona Deniers, who insisted that it was their right to put others’ lives at risk by going to pubs on Friday night for a “final pint of Corona”.


“We share this planet and we are therefore all in it together.  We must however be supported for doing the right thing.  Government have a unique opportunity to show the way here.”

At the personal end of the spectrum, I had £30 000 of work cancelled due to international travel restrictions by my clients.  Whilst I fundamentally agree with the principled decisions taken by his clients, as a Limited Company, I stand to maybe get £94 on universal credit with a family to feed and a business to run from being thrown under a bus by Johnson’s “Whatever It Takes” strategy.

“In my business life I teach people to align their behaviour with principles and values for a more sustainable world.  It’s a lesson that Boris Johnson must learn if we are to save lives and reach out for a better Britain in a connected world.  People currently feel threatened at the most basic level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – food, shelter and so on. Some people do not rationalise and make logical decisions at this level.  Rishi and Johnson need to employ a bit of “tough love” – encouraging people to act in ways more consistent with saving lives, by looking after their basic needs at this unprecedented time, and also to discourage bad behaviour by making a few more helpful rules to live by.”

Anabelle is a tantric sex practitioner, one of thousands of sex workers.  She is a separated mum of three, living with her partner who has responsibility for other kids, so she is the breadwinner.  Many sex workers are mothers, and all are self-employed.

“I had a really successful business comfortably banking £4 K a month.  Obviously, I couldn’t continue to work in this way and be socially responsible.  I cancelled a month’s worth of bookings and have no guaranteed source of income.  How many thousands of men will STILL visit sex workers and take this virus home to their families because the women are self-employed and in a stigmatised industry.  Of course, sex work isn’t the only hands on “intimate” work women do.  We are also beauty therapists, nail technicians, massage therapists etc.  All these professions and more, largely done by women, often from their own homes are closing.  Each of these women have children to feed and clothe.  Boris Johnson only ever talks about “great British companies” i.e. those run by men in suits.”


From Sex, through to Business and Rock’n’Roll, self-employment is an area of life that needs to be properly supported in these unprecedented times.  Self-employed people in the UK range from hairdressers, therapists, TEFL teachers, event organisers, peripatetic music teachers, gym instructors, chauffeurs, taxi drivers and so on.

If people’s behaviour during COVID-19 is to be correct, this is a time for our political leaders to step up to the plate and help ensure that people are not forced into continuing to work when they must act differently.

Rishi, Boris, Priti, are you listening?

Bucket Lists

For the last 3 and a half years I have divided my time between my professional life as a business consultant, author and speaker and anti-Brexit activism.  It has meant doing things I never thought I’d ever do in my life.  This article is a round up of some of the weirder and wonderful things that happened in the Brexit rollercoaster.  Ultimately we have not yet succeeded at turning back the tsunami of lies, digital interference and xenophobia sweeping the populist world, but the struggle to rejoin the EU continues.  I am considering how best to do that, having seen a torrent of tactics over the years and have written separately about this in a paper for Hendrik Klaassens, founder of the largest pro-EU and anti far right movement.  For now, here is my unexpected bucket list.

I was attacked three times by angry Brexiteers, gaining two black eyes.  I’ve also had a few death threats and damage to my bicycle several times over the years.  I must reflect that, given that the Brexiteers “won” the referendum, they really are the most unhappy winners I’ve ever met … what exactly are they unhappy about?  They are “getting their country back”, a 50 pence coin and some cockles.

Mirror headline

Just recently I stood a dead cat for election, gaining more votes than Lord Buckethead and the local Christian People’s Alliance party, in spite of my specific instruction NOT to vote for the cat.  My cat Stan was even accused by the local Lib Dem chair of being a threat to their existence, despite having no party machine or resources.  As a consequence I am currently politically homeless and considering whether politics is in fact a dead cat.
Cat I
I was subsequently reported to the Chief Police Commissioner of Kent by the standing Conservative MP Rehman Chishti, for making a satirical news item on election night about Mr Chishti’s poor track record as an MP and the alleged theft of a piece of foamex board.  The Police came round to speak with me in an advisory capacity but pointed out that no charges had been made, since no crime had been committed:
Last year I wrote a book on the gentle and sometimes abrasive art of Brexorcism, in other words having the difficult conversations to change closed minds on Brexit.  In some cases this amounts to a quasi-religious affair in some people’s heads, hence my use of the term derived from The Exorcist.  Although the book was critically acclaimed, I sensed that some in the Remain movement rather preferred quicker and easier things to do, instead of learning to make the deeper interventions that would change minds about Brexit.  Brexorcisms take time, extreme levels of patience and skill.  The Remain movement have, by and large, always been too busy to build skill.  With more Brexorcism on all levels (the people, the political parties and so on) we may have changed the course of history.  Will we do this, now that there is more time to learn the skills involved?
I also wrote three albums of songs against Brexit and got one of them to No 1 on Amazon:
IL Amazon No 1 II
I got arrested for driving an “offensive Mini Cooper” which had the words Bollocks to Brexit on the side of the car.  Subsequently Essex Police have not managed to locate the Officer in question, in spite of my attempts to help them.  They withdrew the charges, rather than face a humiliating climbdown for an officer who simply forgot he was on duty and who went feral.
Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 21.49.53
I was blacklisted alongside The Rt. Hon Stephen Dorrell and a number of other Remain VIP’s by Remainiacs, some of whom later turned out to be fakes or closet Brexiteers.  One notable person was a historical figure called Emma Forage who I always suspected to be fake.  I was reliably informed that I was wrong, until it turned out that she was a Greek bloke who worked as an IT academic in Cyprus.  In the meantime “Emma” had done untold damage to my professional reputation which had impacted the work I was able to do with the Remain cause.  “Emma” also groomed a lot of vulnerable women to attack other notable remainers.  There were others who will get rumbled in time.
Forage I
Spent 1000’s of hours listening to Leave voter life stories.  I converted these into helpful epithets for the Let’s Talk About BREX .. it book.
I also had my computer stolen by angry Brexiteers whilst I was at a pub in Westminster.  They really are angry …
On a positive note I went to the House of Lords and The Commons.  Not exactly a bucket list item, but it’s always useful to see the entire social system end to end if you are to be an effective change agent.  It was good to see inside “The Kingdom of Brexitania” in the same way that I believe we are better when we see our campaigning through the eyes and ears of the Brexiteers.
Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 13.47.20
I was proud to get a call which led to my offer to help Gina Miller begin her Campaign 2018, securing support from Sir Richard Branson and £25 000 of financial backing to help kick start her campaign.
Gina Miller

So, the question is “was it worth it?”.  In terms of the benefits of all this, I can count a great number of real new friends with whom I have exceptional bonds of rapport created from Brexit adversity.  That is the most important thing of all and outweighs the various cuts and bruises, cyber attacks and so on.

I am now returning to full time work, but with a wealth of experiences of change management that cannot be learned from textbooks.  Brexit has cost me a lot personally due to setting aside my business activity over 3.5 years, but the value outweighs the cost and, given the chance, I’d do it all again, although I still wish I’d never had to act at all.  I have still yet to hear a convincing argument as to the benefits of Brexit when compared with the need to rebuild Britain and to reform our politics on a world scale.  Brexit remains a weapon of mass distraction, whilst we sleepwalk into oblivion.

But the fight is not over.  We begin again now that spring has arrived.  I’m pleased to say that the paper I wrote on changing the game on Brexit has reached the central Remain movements and has been adopted as a template by a number of grassroots groups in the UK and beyond.  In brief, it begins:

Brexit will unravel of its own contradictions.  I believe this will be sooner rather than later.  Brexit’s implosion will come from either what I call external socio-economic, political, environmental shocks or “internal combustion”, due to the underlying inherent instability of the Tory party and the self-destructive nature of Brexit, which has already claimed two Prime Ministers and cost £66 000 000 000 in waste.

Read the full paper at “Brexit Futures“.

I am also devote a little bit of my time to bring the various disparate groups in the South East of England, to make them a more effective fighting force.  On a daily basis we have a campaign called “We are Everywhere“, which aims to keep our visibility up.

Most recently I initiated a petition to ask Boris Johnson to go on the Jeremy Kyle show so that he could trace all his illegitimate children.  In providing this “social service” we would also be cleaning up politics by stopping the continuing trend of lying as an acceptable behaviour in society.  Sign the petition at CON Dom.

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 14.17.56

As I write, Johnson continues to lie.  The latest whoppers are that he now says that Old Age Pensioners will be brought out of retirement to become a “Dads’ Army” cadre of Doctors and Nurses to fight the Corona Crisis:

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 19.42.42

Running The World

I saw an advert for some jobs in the Government to “Get Brexit Done” by Dominic Cummings and thought I may be suitable.  Here is my letter of application.

Dear Dom,

Saw your blog thing.  Didn’t read it tbh … reading is for dummies and I don’t do detail which actually makes me ideally qualified for any of these fucking jobs.  In any case, I’m aware of the fact that your blogs are full of pseudo-academic claptrap, so that people think you are a rounded individual, along with the beanie hat and Harry Potter glasses, intended to make you look a bit weird / intellectual.  I thought to myself “I could do that” so I’ve randomly put together some shit here and added in a few Greek philosophers, machine learning gurus and the wisdom of Madonna, Motorhead and Meatloaf, or Nutroast as he now prefers.

I am defo the best person for the job.  End off, as the great unwashed say!  Quoted recently as the “mad cat man” after I stood a dead cat for the General Election (Plato / Stan / Pickles), I am variously a scientist, creativity consultant, an author / academic and musician.  Some call me a polymath, others a psychopath.  My wife tells me I’m an insanely great combination of intelligence and scum, making me amenable to professors, business leaders, rock stars and the bloke in the pub.  This should really be enough for you rather than having to read the rest of this application.  However, I must warn you that the sort of creativity I work on is that which turns into successful innovation.  I realise this disqualifies me from Government, but I’m prepared to seriously lower my standards.  Rather than “People, Ideas and Machines” (Johnson, FGTH), “Peace, Land and Bread” (Lennon, Lenin), I say:

“Brexit, Brexit, Brexit”

“Cat, Cat, Cat”

car cats n hat 1

Stan the Cat on the election trail with my wife – Stan has confirmed that he will head up the Catinet Office

Re your “person spec”, Stan and I are uniquely qualified for the top jobs in the Brexit Reich:

I’m a solutions architect – yeah I own a Samsung S8 with some apps and other shit on it.  I can use the sidebar and I have a Windows 95 PC from Tandy’s in Chatham, which is still open.  I have an iRiver and replaced the battery in 7 minutes using a youtube video to the sound of Bach.

I’m a disruptor – I’ve written 12 books on creativity and one on changing minds about Brexit, using NLP and other associated therapeutic approaches for mindset change.  Originally written for the purposes of “Brexorcism”, it can just as easily be turned towards the sublimation of 63% of the population, which seems to be your master’s current intention.

“A screwdriver can be used as a tool or a weapon”

(Pertwee, Daltrey, K9, Baker, Whittaker)

Conservative MP Rehman Chishti recently reported me to Police Commissioner Gordon of Medway, after I appropriated one of his Foamex boards for electioneering purposes.  Crucially I have no political experience at all, a massive asset in a political world befuddled by political experts.  Who needs experts (Gove, Govia).

Battle Bicycle

“Causation is for dummies” in a post Brexit world.  As the fat man says, we need to get Brexit done.  We can use war in Iran, bushfires, Prince Andrew, Katona, Government leaks, Corbyn’s leeks and almost anything to support the algorithm bro’.

In academic terms, I started a physics PhD at The Open University as soon as I saw your advert: My thesis is “The extinction of Moore’s Law and the emancipation of  twerking in a post Brexit society”.  I expect to “Get Physics Done” by January 31st, hence my need to delay my starting date until then to fully meet your spec (Hughes, Y; Moore, P; Moore, A, Moore, Patrick; Moore, Roger).

The intersection between man, woman and machine and the 4th industrial age – yeah I wrote a book called Brain Based Enterprises about this as well, inspired by Kraftwerk, Trump and Aristotle – here’s the big idea.  I foresee Brexit as offering the ultimate sublimation of the people and I’m willing to contribute ideas to what I’m calling a retro-futurist (Tetlock / IARPA prediction) tournament which I’ve helpfully named “The People’s Final Solution”.

1 War of the Worlds

Four scenarios for our union between man, woman and machine

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed (Brooks, Hinton, Schwab).  I need not explain this to you as you know.

On HR and all the other communications crap, I’ve been the branch chair of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and on their board as council rep.  I used this time to study at close range the inefficiencies of bureaucracy (Weber, Madonna, Ng).  However, structure is the necessary bedfellow of creativity and I realise I would have to drop my liking for plans and planning in the New Model Army (Tesla, Hotpoint, Euripides).  On the question of diversity, we genuinely need diversity of thinking rather than “The Village People” model as practised by the civil service (Clinton, Brown, Prince).  I have suffered at the hands of public servants and there are massive inefficiencies.  Yet the answer does not lie with polarity responders more with boundary crossers (Moss-Kanter, Ghandi, Hovis).

Yeah, I’ve read all those papers on Reservoir Computing and Reservoir Dogs, whatever.  There was a good summary of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation in yesterday’s Sun.

You can find my thesis on the death of physics and applications for webdesigners at “interstellar overdrive” (Barrett, Van Leer, Beefheart).

I was in a rock band with Dr Andrew Sentance of the Bank of England, an unusual economist.  The band split due to epistemological differences (McCartney, Lennon, Gates, Jobs, McVey, Javid), having written the epic sub Zeppelin anthem “The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street”.

I am experienced in using diverse analytical languages e.g. Monty Python, Sequential Circuits, D Minus, Vesuvius, Krakatoa.

“John Lennon knows my name and I’ve seen his” … (Bolan, Raab, Farage).

I was going to send a CV but I now see this as an inconvenient piece of red tape.  In any case, I need to get on with fixing a hole where the rain came in.  But I’m the ideal candidate as my personal statement would say if I could be bothered to write one:

I know nothing

I will do nothing

I believe nothing

I don’t want to bother with the formalities of an interview and will be ready to marinate Brexit and bake it in a microwave, gas mark 8 from 31 January 2020.  Let’s get it on, bang a gong, in Hong Kong (Patten, Siouxie, Feld).

£150 K per annum plus expenses, luncheon vouchers, unlimited Dreamies, BUPA, 12 weeks holiday and 100 freshly washed towels would be about right.

Tantum nimirum ex publicis malis sentimus, quantum ad privatas res pertinet : nec in iis quicquam acrius quam pecuniae damnum stimulat

“Cats are still Running the World”






Dark Times

Brexit – A Gothic Novella is an excellent new book written by Aemelia Taylor-Nehab.  In her own words she describes the scene:

At the beginning of 2016, Prime Minister Cameron is visited by three visions; Politics past, present and future, all warning him not to call the referendum. Feeling the pressure, though haunted, he calls it regardless. He loses the referendum, to the dismay of his old friend Pegasus, the winged-horse; the emblem of liberty. Pegasus and a group of his friends who dwell near the Prime Minister’s home in Oxford, decide to hold seven politicians captive inside Raven Spires at Glasgow University, and hold them to account for their visions of Brexit.  Two years of debate, though, inside the gothic tower of a university in a city that voted heavily to Remain, nor any other events and progress elsewhere in the country or in the European Union, is enough to bring the politicians to a consensus.  Pegasus insists on holding the politicians until the very last moment on 31st October, as the ending remains a mystery until that fateful day.

Brexit – A Gothic Novella reflects on the faulty decision by David Cameron to hold a binary referendum on what academics call a “wicked problem”, solely with the aim of rebuilding the Conservative Party.  Clearly it failed and has taken us into dark times and installed a culture of hostility in the UK.  A beautifully light way of telling a very dark story and this improves its accessibility to remainers and leavers alike.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 12.37.02

Speaking of darkness, I must also make mention of my friend Richard Strange’s new album from The Doctors of Madness “Dark Times“.  Richard “Kid” Strange proves once again that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of our times, just as he had when he founded the band in 1974.  Dark Times repays careful listening:

“Who bully their way onto buses with racist smears”

“Cut price half price coke and MDMA”

Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 12.54.52.pngProduced by John Leckie (Radiohead, Muse, Stone Roses, Pink Floyd), Dark Times, features contributions from Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Sarah Jane Morris (Communards), Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave), Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton (The Who, Paul Young Band).

Following the dark theme of this post, I leave you with some pieces I did recently – a remake of the Gerry Rafferty song “Brexit Street”, The Beatles “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” reshaped for John Bercow and Mc Cartney’s “Mogg Chorus”.  These are bonus tracks from the Rage Against The Brexit Machine we recently released and which started the week at number 18 on the Amazon pop charts.


And one lighter piece : A remake of The Beatles’ “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” to lighten dark times …