Keynotes and Masterclasses

Keynote speeches – 20 minutes through 45 minutes to 2 hour formats to fit your day or night. Full conference designs – half day to 2-3 day conference design and delivery, to save you considerable time in consultation, design and event logistics. Delivery styles from thoughtful speeches to fully participative events, respecting a wide range of audience expectations and sensitivities.

Business Leadership

  • Riffs and Myths of Leadership – Parallel lessons from music about leadership
  • Leadership – past, present and future
  • Leadership as seen in Orchestras, Jazz Combos and Rock Bands
  • Top 10 Business Lessons from Rock Music
  • Business Strategy Lessons from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga

Innovation and Creativity

  • Innovation lessons from Prince, Madonna and Bowie
  • Riffs and Myths of Creativity – Creativity and improvisation at work unplugged
  • An innovation masterclass
  • Disruptive Innovation lessons from Punk Rock

Relationships, Teamwork and Marketing

  • Lessons on Communications and Teamwork from “The Office”
  • The ABC of NLP – The psychology of relationships at work
  • The Beatles, Diversity, Creativity and Teamwork

HR, Organisation Development and Change

  • Punk Rock HR – Simpler, Shorter, Authentic HR Strategy and Practice
  • Chameleons – Great rock and business reinventors
  • Punk Rock OD – A comprehensive review of OD strategies and methods
  • People Management Lessons from “The Office”

Motivation and Personal Excellence

  • Motivation – From Maslow to Meatloaf and Madonna
  • Top 20 motivational strategies for leaders
  • David Brent on motivation and leadership
  • Walk on the wild side – Leading creative people

Marketing and Branding

  • We will brand you – Branding unplugged
  • Using social media for impact
  • Marketing masterclass

High Performance, Execution and Delivery

  • Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll – High performance and delivery unplugged  
  • Top of the Flops – Lessons from the greatest Rock’n’Roll failure in the World
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears – Performance, Perspiration and Passion unplugged


3 responses to “Keynotes and Masterclasses

  1. Hi Peter Good looking page . I write songs regarding prevalent issues in the world and produce concerts that give back to community This is part of a gathering at my home friends helping me speak to America through a song I composed entitled – Pick Up The Trash . Click Like if you dig it


  2. Looks like an Epiphone to me. At first I thought it might be a Washburn, I have one very similar. But the tailstock gave it away.

    BTW interesting take on change management – I like it – it’s good – isn’t that a lyric from somewhere? JJ Cale maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

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