A Country and Western XMAS Brexit

We’ve had just about every word added to Brexit so why not a Country and Western XMAS Brexit? !! 🙂  “Theresa, May’s a Remainer” is a Country and Western inspired Brexit Hoedown by “The Brexit Cowpokers” released on Friday 14 Dec for UK chart success on Friday the 21st – could this be T May’s Bonanza moment at the OK Cabal in the Westminster cattle ranch?  Watch the “Strong and Stable” film below:



  1. Buy the song in the week commencing Friday 14 Dec till 23.59 Thursday 20 Dec on all platformsEVERY click counts towards chart success and a cup of coffee gets you three copies.  Please gift the song to weary Remainers or Leavers in regret, or just your Brexity friends.  We are all sick of Brexit.  Here are the main links to download – just click the images and follow through:
  2. Share the project widely with others. Keep sharing throughout the week.  We need a minimum of 20 000 downloads to reach the UK Top 40 charts.  It would be simple if all the Remainers bought a copy or if the central Remain movements got behind the project.  Of course Brexit apathy is a thing and it’s Christmas, so we must press really hard.  If we succeed, we’ll inflict more mortal damage on the severely wounded Brexit beast and the stasis that grips our Government.
  3. If you have contacts in the press, tell them about it using the press release at our “WebStable“.  We have just done press items on BBC Radio, Norwegian TV, Kent Messenger and KM TV
  4. We have a Facebook event at A Country and Western Brexit
  5. If you are able to reach the main Remain movements, please ask them to mail their people.  They have 700 000 contacts and we could easily get the song to No 1 with just one click from them !!
  6. Streaming is available, but please remember this.  We need 150 streams to equal ONE download.  So if you choose to stream on Spotify, Deezer etc. the best option is to stream on repeat overnight – turn the volume off, we cannot be held responsible for the psychological effects of listening to Country and Western Brexit music for extended periods!!  Streaming options via Brexit stream

The Brexit Cowpokers ask our PM to put her spurs on and use the courage of her convictions to go with the will of the people and stop Brexit in favour of Remaining and Reforming Europe.  We ask Parliament not to accept Theresa’s false binary choice of “Deal or No Deal”, intended to bludgeon MPs and a weary public into accepting any Brexit at any cost, economically, socially and politically.  Chief Cowpoker Peter Cook aka Dolly Mayhem intends to undermine the botched “meaningless vote” on December 11 by getting a single of “more meaningful Brexit music” into the UK Top 40 charts.  The song lyrics to Theresa May’s a Remainer give a “Hoedown evaluation” of the Brexit options on the blanket on the ground …  If we chart the song on Friday 21 Dec it will:

(a) seriously impact ongoing Brexit chaos, driving yet another stake through the Brexit Hydra’s heart
(b) impact mainstream culture and thereby affect events following the “meaningless vote”.
(c) shake the foundations of Parliament as they are forced to listen to an awful Country and Western song at Christmas !!

The song lyrics to Theresa May’s a Remainer give a “Hoedown evaluation” of the Brexit options on the blanket on the ground …

“No Deal is Kinda insane-er

May’s deal is mostly Remain-er

Remain is a no-brainer”

Professional singer Rachel Ashley aka “T May Whinette” said of the song:

“Theresa May is dun for unless she gets on a horse and runs down the wagons of rivals such as Jacob Rees Mogg and the Saddle Bums circling her reservation. Just like Johnny Major, she must shoot the bastards with her revolver”.

Find out more about the Rage Against The Brexit Machine project, which reaches people’s heads via their hearts.  We have produced an album’s worth of songs to defend against the dark Brexit arts. Some are poignant, such as our song “In Limbo” for the 5 million EU citizens and UK Ex Pats trapped by Brexit uncertainty.  Others are pointed, such as “Nigel Farage’s Garage” and “Jacob Rees Moog” – an 18th Century Tory Synthpop Trancefloor groove.


OK Computer, NOT

Radiohead’s bizarre piece ‘Fitter, Happier’ from their classic album ‘OK Computer’ speaks to me of disconnection and disaffection in (post) modern living.  As something of a customer service and common decency nut, I get very cross when I stumble over bad service.  I’d like to ‘out’ HM Customs and Excise for appalling behaviour, since I understand that my experience is just the tip of a very big iceberg.  Makes me wanna write a rock song …

The other day, I got a letter from the VAT people, asking me to register my business online.  After doing so and getting rejected after entering my details 5 times I rang the VAT helpline and queued for 10 minutes.  After being told that I had made no mistakes but still the computer would not accept my registration, I politely explained that I would continue to send my money to HMCE by post until such time as their computer system worked, so that they got paid on time.

I was outraged to then be told that this would mean that I would be fined.   Imagine if Amazon fined their customers if their computer systems did not work.  They would be out of business.  HMCE’s behaviour, if reversed into the world of business and customer service, would be properly titled a scam or even fraud.  Put simply by The Beatles:

“If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet”

I may be naïve, but I believe that I run a business to generate income and then expect to pay taxes.  I don’t expect to pay those taxes and then be told I will be fined because Government computer systems do not work.  I don’t complain about people who don’t pay tax, but don’t expect to be treated like this just because I am a soft target.

Has anyone else experienced similar appalling treatment from officials?   Slavish adherence to systems is at the root of many dysfunctional things that go on at work.  Witness the satirical brilliance of Little Britain on the problem we face when we trust computers more than our own intelligence.

For more tax free musings on business and life, mail me for a free copy of “Punk Rock People Management“.  For a VAT free full feature see “Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll“.