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American rocker DownTown Mystic has contributed the song Way To Know to the Rage Against The Brexit Machine project. Way To Know will be the 4th single released by RATBM on UK label Nub Music. Nub plans to release a full Rage Against The Brexit Machine album featuring a Christmas single based on the starting point of the Band Aid song “Do They Know It’s Brexit?” but redeveloped for a basket of charities.

Way To Know features the RnR Hall of Fame rhythm section of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band – Max Weinberg & Garry Tallent. DownTown Mystic writer/producer, Robert Allen, explains

“I just happened to see a tweet that Nub was looking for songs and artists for the RATBM project. I contacted Nub head Mark Lee about it and Mark, with A&R man Guy Thompson, got the song to Peter and put me in touch with him. Peter called me to tell me how much he liked the song and thought it was a good fit with RATBM.”

Rage Against The Brexit Machine is part of a Stop Brexit Movement using pop music to bring attention to the disaster that Brexit will cause in the UK if it is not abandoned and overturned before it’s too late.

“Naked populism brought us the Brexit referendum result. We will lay Brexit to rest via a populist approach that will expose the naked truth about Brexit and the compelling benefits of a Better Britain in a United Europe. The USA is having much the same problem with Trump so we have joined forces to wake the world up to what’s going on”

Robert adds:

“Brexit should have forewarned us about the possibility of Trump winning in the USA. The one good thing to come out of it is the Resistance Movement against Trump. Maybe the people for Brexit should take a good look at the USA now and see what happens when lies and fake news are believed and you don’t get what you were hoping for.”

Robert Allen – DownTown Mystic

DownTown Mystic’s next release will be the DownTown On E Street EP featuring four exclusive tracks with Max & Garry. This should pave the way for the release of the Rock’n’Roll Romantic album in 2018. Robert comments, “Nub’s recent Distribution Deal with ADA/Warner Music should be of great benefit to releasing DownTown Mystic’s music in the UK and the rest of Europe. It’s an exciting development.”

Don’t just watch the video, buy the songs and let’s lay Brexit and Trumptation to rest – Same Horse, Different Jockey …


Peter Cook leads The Academy of Rock and Human Dynamics. Author of 8 books on leadership acclaimed by Tom Peters, Charles Handy, Harvey Goldsmith and Adrian Furnham. Featuring an interview exclusive with Sir Richard Branson.


Jacob Rees-Moog

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Jacob Rees-Moog is the third song in the “Rage Against The Brexit Machine” collection and is a rather unusual number. Not so much a song, rather a groove. If you remember the song “19” you will get some idea of where this song takes it’s lead from.

If you want to pollute your fields, eat chlorinated chicken, burn lightbulbs of any wattage, put your children down the mines, insist that women who have been raped should have the children and so on then Jacob Rees-Moog is the groove for you. Recorded on 18th Century retro Korg and Moog synths and analogue Theramins. We can guarantee that lots of electricity was used and that women and children were neglected during the recording of the song …

Fortunae naufragium

Madeleina Kay – Artist, Writer, Musician, Activist


Jacob Rees-Moog was produced in an experimental exponential synthesiser laboratory after eating excessive amounts of chlorinated chicken and gorging on English Mead and Port plundered from the colonies. The piece features star of Channel 4 News, Madeleina Kay, some samples from the Moggster in “Full English Brexit” mode and an obligatory Siamese cat called Boris. The pussy was paid less than the minimum wage for the work and now scrounges from food banks, having been disowned by Jacob, due to being “foreign”. Of course, all of the above is “fake news” in keeping with the zeitgeist of the age 🙂

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Jacob Rees-Moog or “JRM” as it is known on the Latin speaking dance floors of Ibiza, Chew Magna and Midsomer Norton is an entirely new genre of music : ECTSTF or “18th Century Tory Synthpop Trance Floor”. JRM “celebrates” a post Brexit world of gratuitous land pollution, the sublimation of women, flower border control, slavery, the return of the penny farthing and Stephenson’s Rocket as national transport, re-introduction of ricketts, typhus and plague as national diseases, Latin as the national language, nationalised jam making, the use of the Cutty Sark as the Royal Yacht and Britain’s role as a major warring nation.

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We have entered the Top 200 chart on iTunes and at the time of writing we are No 20 on the Amazon chart.  We have an opportunity to crash the UK Top 40 chart this week by 23.59 on Thursday 13 October. If we do, we will OWN Rupert Murdoch’s Brexit obsessed media and will be able to “take back control” of the media and in doing so help stop Brexit, full stop. You can help by buying and streaming the song – all purchases and streams count. Click the link and / or the images below to find individual links to Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc. and click away please.

Controlling the nation “Moog Style” versus “Mogg Style”

Mortem Parca affert, opes rursus ac facultates aufert 

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No, Jeremy Corbyn!

A superb interview by Rebecca Buck with Madeleina Kay et moi about the “Rage Against The Brexit Machine” project which seeks to crush Brexit Populism with Pop Music. Do check our suite of songs out on Amazon, ITunes, Google Play and let’s Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain …

We now have three songs online so please buy them now and tell your friends … Pants to Brexit, No, Jeremy Corbyn and Jacob Rees-Moog.

Conversations with Europe

I’ve interviewed both Peter Cook and Madeleina Key for Conversations with Europe over the last few months. As two of the most high profile and creative pro-EU campaigners at the present time, it was inevitable that I’d soon be chatting to them about a joint project.

RAGE Against the Brexit Machine, which I’ve also written about previously, is a Crowdfunded album of songs to fight Brexit, a project created by Peter Cook but with a team of collaborators, many of them high profile. You can find about more about the whole project in my previous article.

No, Jeremy Corbyn is the biggest release of the project so far. And, the comma is important, as Madeleina was keen to point out. Here’s my chat with Peter and Madeleina.

1. Tell me about your single No Jeremy Corbyn. What style of music is it? When we can buy it?

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Rage against the Washing Machine

Computers are wonderful things and I personally could not live without my Mac.  However, the old phrase GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) still applies.  It’s amazing what people seem to believe if it is on a flat screen.  Here’s an example of what happens when people disengage their own intelligence in favour of a database:

I was phoned a few months ago by a company wanting to ‘conduct research’ on my washing machine. They refused to get off the line despite several polite attempts to persuade them to do so, so I told them I had a “Toyota” washing machine….

Two months later I had a call from another company offering me insurance, who proudly started the call with:

“We’re calling you today to offer you exclusive insurance cover for your Toyota USB2000 washing machine ….”

Sometime later: Me : “You do know that Toyota don’t make washing machines?”

Them : “Have you sold it?”

Me : “I have a Prius. As I said, Toyota make cars”

Toyota make great cars … but no washing machines

Them : “We know that sir.  The washing machine you have is spelt differently. Have you sold it?”

Me (broken record) : “Toyota make cars, not washing machines”.

Them (still keen to insure my washing machine): “We bought the data from another company.  Do you have a washing machine” ….

A hybrid washing machine?

A hybrid washing machine?

I had a similar experience when I bought an advert from (now recently.  The promise was articulated thus:  “We cannot get you business, but we can make the phone ring”.  This seemed like an entirely reasonable premise.  A couple of weeks later, the phone did ring:

“I’d like to buy some turf”

Me : “Aah, sorry, this is a business consultancy – you have the wrong number”

The following week, I got a call for Calor Gas.  I was suspicious so asked where he got the number from – it was the Yellow Pages!

The following week, I got a call for plate glass. Yell insist on giving you a different phone number so they can track calls.  Clearly this one had been round the block many times.

No problem, you would think – just call them and it would get sorted out.  Well, no.  Yell started off by trying to rewrite history, suggesting that it had not happened the way I described.  They then tried to shift blame by telling me that Yellow Pages did not belong to them any more.  It was only when I pointed out that their phone number was the root cause of the Yellow Pages calls and asked to speak to their CEO that they finally capitulated, after which time most people have given up.

What would have been better?  Well, simply offering to investigate and fix the problem without fuss would have been a much better turnaround.  Unfortunately they trusted the computer more than they did me to start with, wasting time and damaging their reputation, making me want to “Yell about it”.

Incidentally, saying you want to “Hibu about it” just does not work as well 🙂 …  Perhaps that’s why they renamed the company recently?

Life’s a Gas, Heart of Grass, The Green Green Glass of Home

On the upside, I have discovered a great business opportunity for a one stop shop that sells Grass, Glass and Gas … Hurry, hurry …  Happy Christmas!

3G business for sale on

Coming soon, my recent dealings with HR outsourcing company RSM Tenon and boutique solicitors Twenty Twenty Law make for an interesting story of disappointment and dishonour in dealing with others, Bah Humbug!  To finish here is Pink Floyd’s prophetic tale of corporate cyber control where common sense is replaced by algorithms and bulls…t.  Welcome to the Machine:


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