Hard Rock Café

A holiday post today – less focus on business and a little more on music ….

I had the immense pleasure of attending Bernie Tormé’s garden party last night.  A 15 mile cycle ride made me all the more thirsty ….  Bernie has performed with Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Gillan, Atomic Rooster, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, plus he leads his own rock band GMT.  He has an excellent recording studio in the heart of Kent and offers a full music engineering and production service.  Here’s some of Bernie’s work with Ian Gillan:

This year seems to be the year of garden parties.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Dr Andrew Sentance CBE played “Fiscal Cliff” at his garden party where we jammed our way into a long hot summer evening.  Andrew is former member of the Monetary Policy Committee at The Bank of England and has been tremendously supportive of our approach to cross disciplinary business development using parallels from the world of music.


Later this year, we are planning a series of masterclasses for the University of Kent School of Art and Music.  Bernie’s work will feature amongst the offerings:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 21.32.16

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 09.54.42

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 09.53.28

Bernie also made a cameo appearance in our song Fiscal Cliff, attacking me on stage and setting light to one of my guitars to destroy a model of Stonehenge.  I am very grateful for these attacks ! 🙂  Enjoy the holidays …