The Music of Business

Like The Rolling Stones

The other week I was invited to a private viewing of classic photographs of The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan at The British Music Experience by the great people at MusicConnex with my friend Guy Cresswell.   This afforded me the rare privilege of meeting Harvey Goldsmith and presenting him with a copy of “Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll“.  I pointed out that I’d been to a lot of Harvey’s gigs but he never seemed to show up at them!  I am now waiting to find out if he enjoyed the book and whether he has time to give me a quote on the new book “The Music of Business” out in January 2013.  That would be just awesome as young people say.  Apart from all that, it was fascinating to learn about the transition of Dylan and the Stones life through the pictures and archive videos of their performances.  What would you say we learned from them?   How has this has a permanent impact on our culture?   Post your thoughts on the blog.

Due for launch on 31 1 13

Due for launch on 31 1 13

The new book “The Music of Business” has four themes: Strategy; Creativity; Innovation and; Change, with a wide selection of articles.  I’m currently looking for endorsements from business people, senior academics and music luminaries so please get in touch if you fit the bill.

An unexpected surprise was to bump into the lead singer of The Blockheads, who seems to share a number of network contacts including John Otway.  Here’s a picture of Derek  the Blockhead with me and the Jester himself:


The British Music Experience exhibition on the Stones and Dylan runs until February 3rd at the O2.  It’s well worth a visit, if you have a few hours to spend in London.  Let’s remind ourselves of Jagger’s work in his heyday:

Footnote:  I did indeed get a reference – The hallmark of a great person is someone who makes you feel like you are the only person in the room even when they are themselves furiously busy.  Harvey Goldsmith is such a person:

This book is a great tool for people in business. At the end it answers a lot of questions and then asks a lot more.

Harvey Goldsmith CBE

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