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OUT 31.1.13

OUT 31.1.13 Click the cover to pre-order signed copies

Music is my first love,  And it will be my last, Music of the future, Music of the past  John Miles

Thursday 31 January 2013 marks the launch date of my new book “The Music of Business” and I thought I’d give a heads up on the date in the hope that you will buy copies of the book and tell others about it, to give it an initial boost on Amazon.  The book represents the culmination of many years work, looking at the parallels between business excellence and ideas from the field of music.  There’s a healthy dose of totally new material plus major developments and expansions of ideas I have written about here and in other places.  Pre-order copies of the book here.  The book is also available to buy at AMAZON.CO.UKAMAZON.COM, and KINDLE although it will be available at a discount on 31 1 13.  Take a quick look at the Slideshare presentation.

Alongside Harvey Goldsmith’s quote, I was delighted to receive some spiffing reviews of the book:

“Original, perceptive, effective and amusing… Peter Cook’s unique take on the parallel universes of business and music never fails to stimulate, inspire and entertain”   Richard Strange, Founder, The Doctors of Madness, Actor, Writer

“An engaging and accessible look at business issues through a musical lens – no MBA required!”  – Dominic Brown – Finance Director, The Halcyon Gallery

“If you are in business and like music then The Music of Business is simply a ‘must have’. It puts across sound theories in a logical, digestible and illustrative manner, in ways that actually make sense compared with other business books” – Marc Don Francesco, Head of Group Marketing, Towergate Insurance 

Organised into four sections : Strategy; Creativity; Innovation and; Change, the book is available as a hard copy with additional material and pictures.  It will also be available as a Kindle download.  I wonder if I dare ask some favours of you on this:

  1. Please mention the book to contacts and colleagues, perhaps by sharing this blog on social media or posting a Tweet, LinkedIn, Google+1, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon or facebook mention.
  2. Share the Slideshare presentation widely via the link SHARE
  3. Ask people to pre-order copies via ORDER, ORDER
  4. Join the Linkedin Group “The Music of Business“.
  5. If anyone fancies doing a guest blog, interview or book review, that would be great.  E-mail me at peter@humdyn.co.uk
  6. Anything else you can think of 🙂  Just do it

Pre-order signed copies at the book webpage: The Music of Business.  To thank you for your help, I am also launching a free iPhone app – daily business tips mixed with music, which I will be happy to send you.  This has been devised in partnership with data genius and bass player supremo Jason Bell of Datasentiment.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 00.25.38

A date to remember – Just click to order

We leave with two songs that capture the essence of why music reaches the parts that spreadsheets do not, from John Miles and Madonna:


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